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This is actually rather easy. Now, keep in mind some of the items can't even be used. Cue disappointment.

With inventory organization

Memory Editor Method

If you can re-organize your list of items, the process is a lot easier. You need at least 2 items on your inventory, on the first and second slots. Start by searching for an unsigned byte of unknown value (unless the game has more than 256 types of items, in which case you should search for 2 bytes). Then, simply switch the order of those 2. If you have more items, don't touch them. At every toggle, make a "different value" search. You'll eventually find 2 addresses. One will tell you what item is in slot 1, the other in slot 2. More than likely, you'll be able to get the address for the rest of the inventory slots by following the pattern. For instance, if the address for slot 1's item is BCDEF012 and the second one is BCDEF014, you know the address for the next slot is BCDEF016.

Now, you need to change that value. Change it one value at a time, and you might eventually find the ID of an unused item. You may have to leave and re-enter the inventory.

Cheat Code Alteration Method

Simply another method that doesn't require the use of a hex editor. The only requirement for this method is that there are a few cheat codes known for used items in a game. The idea is that if simple patterns can be found between the cheat codes for used items then they can be altered to find unused items. To demonstrate this, we will use this method on The Wind Waker. Lets look at a few cheat codes that will put items in our inventory.

  • 003C4C44 00000020
  • 003C4C45 00000078
  • 003C4C46 00000022
  • 003C4C47 00000025

Without even telling you what the items are or where they are placed in inventory, there is a clear pattern between the 4 codes. The only difference between the 4 codes is the last 2 digits, or last byte, of each 8 digit block. One of these bytes controls what the item is in inventory. To figure out which byte does what, simply change one of the bytes to a different number and enable that code. In this case, modifying the first changed byte will change where the item appears in inventory. Modifying the second changed byte will change what item appears in inventory. Now all that needs to be done is to start the second changed byte at 00, enable the code, and increase it by one until an unused item appears in inventory. So...

  • 003C4C44 00000000
  • 003C4C44 00000001
  • 003C4C44 00000002

and so on.

Without inventory organization

This is a bit more complicated, but still not tough. If you can drop items and pick them up again, just keep doing so, alternating between 2 of the items and use the memory editor method listed above. If not, try consuming or deleting the first item, and search accordingly every time. You should find the address for the first slot's item. It really depends on the game.

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