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Help:Contents/Finding Content/PlayStation 3 research guide

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A jailbroken PlayStation 3.
MultiMAN. (A PS3 homebrew app.)
Disc of game you're breaking into the files of. (not if it's a psn store downloaded game.)
A flash drive (to transfer game files to PC).

Jailbreak Guide

You need to update your PlayStation 3 before following the guide if you haven't already!
If your PlayStation 3 is jailbroken already, Skip this guide.

Here, follow this guide! (Fat and Slim users only)
For Super Slim users, follow this jailbreak guide.

After you have followed that guide, you then follow tutorial below.


For PS3 disc-based games

1. You should have MultiMAN already after following one of the above guide, If not, get it below.
Get this tool

2. Install using HEN/your preferred CFW.

3. Open MultiMan (mmCM it should be called when it's installed.)

4. Plugin your flash drive

5. Insert the game disc and wait a moment for the game to pop up.

6. Press Triangle

7. Select "Copy"

8. Select your inserted flash drive

9. Wait for the game files to be done ripping to flash drive.

10. Transfer it to PC by plugging the Flash Drive into PC and moving the files out of the flash drive.

11. Now you can free roam into the files of the game

For PSN Store downloaded games

1. Click here and search for the PSN Store game you wanna explore the files of.

2. Remember the ID of that game as it will be crucial for a later step.

3. Open mmCM (MultiMAN)

4. Scroll left till you see File Manager / mmOS, click that.

5. Navigate your cursor with the analog stick and click PS3 Root (not on PC, PS3! not to confuse you!)

6. Click dev_hdd0 then press game. (You better now remember the game ID like I said earlier)

7. Find the folder that shows that ID.

8. Press O and then click Copy.

7. Go out of the ps3's HDD directory.

8. Go to your USB flash drive's directory.

9. Press O and click paste.

10. When it's done moving the game to flash drive, Unplug the flash drive.

11. Plug the flash drive in your PC and roam away freely in the game's files to find unused content!