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All you need to know about embedding and formatting video.

Video Guidelines

  1. Make sure the video is necessary.
    • Videos should never act as a replacement for a well-written article.
    • Only use a video if a screenshot wouldn't suffice.
  2. Only add one illustrative video per altered or deleted aspect.
    • For Example: There is no need to archive every existing video showing a particular bug, glitch, or hidden content.
  3. When possible, provide the original source for the video using {{source}} tags.
  4. Provide a text summary of what is in the video.
  5. When choosing which videos to add to the article, always pick the the highest quality video available, preferably one without watermarks, added music, or other alterations.
    • Remember to indicate what the viewer should be watching for.
  6. Upload an audio file if the video simply documents an unused sound effect or music track.
  7. If you come across a dead video link, replace or remove it.
  8. Ensure that the primary focus of the video is the information in question.

Capturing Footage

TASVideos provide comprehensive guides for capturing video from emulators in an acceptable format.

Ignore instructions such as adding logos and uploading to non-YouTube sites.

Uploading Videos

At this time, there is no way to upload video directly to the wiki, so you're going to need to put it on YouTube. Let's say we want to add this video to our article. If the video URL is, the code is going to look like this.

Code: <youtube>QzAAGoevlc0</youtube>

Formatting Videos

Of course, perhaps we want to change the size or alignment of our video. Here's a simple example:

Code: <youtube align="left" size="half">QzAAGoevlc0</youtube>

And here are a variety of parameters you can use to modify your video even further.


Code: Result:
size="999" Chooses size of player.
size="nes" Changes the size of the player to NTSC NES/SNES (256 × 224) format.
size="nes-pal" Changes the size of the player to PAL NES (256 × 240) format.
size="gb" Changes the size of the player to Game Boy and Game Boy Color format.
size="gba" Changes the size of the player to Game Boy Advance format.
size="nds" Changes the size of the player to Nintendo DS (256 × 384) format.
size="genesis" Changes the size of the player to Genesis format.
size="genesis-pal" Changes the size of the player to PAL Genesis format.
size="default" Changes the size of the player to default format.
double="yes" Doubles the size of the player.


Code: Result:
align="left" Aligns the player to the left side of the page.
align="default" Aligns the player to the right side of the page.

Height & Width

Code: Result:
width="999" Changes the width to 999, or whatever number you insert.
height="999" Changes the height to 999, or whatever number you insert.*
  • Note: Subtract 30 from the actual desired height

Removed Videos

Sometimes videos on articles are removed from YouTube without a trace. Articles with missing YouTube videos should be marked with {{YTVideoGone}} at the top of the page so they can be looked into later. Missing YouTube videos need to either be reuploaded with an archived version or a replaced with a suitable replacement. Articles with this template are put in the Broken YouTube Links category. Read the template page for more detailed usage information.


Remember when YT had a little indifferent face when a video went down? TCRF remembers.
This page or section has one or more broken YouTube Links.
Please find an archived version of a video or a suitable replacement.