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Hooters Road Trip (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Hooters Road Trip

Also known as: Free Wheelin' USA
Developer: Hoplite Research
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: March 26, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Cheap car commuting competition crams corny cafeteria characters carrying considerable conspicuous cleavage carelessly connoting current championship circumstances.

Unused Graphics

Cut Stages

End of stage postcards exist for Baltimore, Boston and New York; destinations which do not exist in the game. The hostesses for these cut stages can be seen in the extended celebration video after coming first overall in the final roadtrip of Pro difficlty.


Three placeholder screens:

Original Version Artwork

The game was originally announced for the PS1 as Free Wheelin' USA, but it was quietly pulled from stores and never released, eventually being retooled into this Hooters branded version. These images may be remnants of that planned release. A PC version did ship to stores under its original name.

(Source: Game Rave TV Ep. 118)


The cleaner version of the title screen with logos instead of copyright text was used for promotional materials as can be seen on a poster in the background of the Raleigh hostess video. The credit for Miracle Designs is relegated to text in the ending credits rather than displayed pre-game as this logo.