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iCarly: iFound Sasquatch

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Title Screen

iCarly: iFound Sasquatch

Developer: Workinman Interactive
Publisher: Nick.com
Platform: Adobe Flash

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Neopets Promo Code

In config.xml, setting neopetsCode to true will enable a Popsicle Stick code at the end of the game for Neopets. The code no longer works however.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-NeopetsPopsicleCode.png

Unused Text

config.xml is full of comments and unused code.

	<!-- Neopets promo code -->
	<neopetsCode enabled="false">http://www.neopets.com/sponsors/altadoralley/popsicle.phtml?hunt=1</neopetsCode>

	<plugins enabled="false">
		<plugin id="leaderboard" enabled="true">assets/plugins/plugin_nick_leaderboard.swf</plugin>
		<plugin id="services" enabled="true">assets/plugins/plugin_nick_services_legacy.swf</plugin>
		<plugin id="localization" enabled="true">assets/plugins/plugin_nick_localization.swf</plugin>
	<!-- Legacy services SWF url for services plugin -->
	<!-- Printable -->
	<printable enabled="true" />
	<!-- Used by services plugin -->
		<trackingPlayGameName>GAME_NAME_HERE</trackingPlayGameName> <!-- Needs custom data -->
		<trackingPrintSite>SITE_HERE</trackingPrintSite> <!-- Needs custom data -->
		<trackingPrintUrlAlias>URL_ALIAS_HERE</trackingPrintUrlAlias> <!-- Needs custom data -->
		<trackingPrintShowID>TRACKING_PRINT_SHOW_ID_HERE</trackingPrintShowID> <!-- Needs custom data -->
	<!-- Used by leaderboard plugin -->
		<gameId id="game">LEADERBOARD_GAME_ID</gameId> <!-- Needs custom data -->
	<!-- Used by localization plugin -->
			<translationXml appId="">assets/xml/translation.xml</translationXml>
	<!-- External Files to load -->
		<collection id="initial">
			<!--<file id="background_sky_1">content/bitmaps/background_sky_1.png</file>-->
	<!-- Nick Points -->
	<!-- Nick Achievements -->
    <achievements gameId="ACHIEVEMENTS_GAME_ID_HERE" urlBaseIcons="ACHIEVE_ICONS_BASE_URL_HERE" urlUIPopup="assets/content/achievement_ui/achievement_popup.swf" urlUISummary="assets/content/achievement_ui/achievement_summary.swf" popupAlignment="top" badgeAssetOffsetX="0" badgeAssetOffsetY="-10">
        <!-- id is for local use only. You can call it whatever you want. The node value is the actual trigger that will be sent to nick.com services -->        
            <id>BADGE_LOCAL_ID_HERE</id> <!-- The local reference to be used in the game-->
            <trigger>BADGE_TRIGGER_HERE</trigger> <!-- the actual trigger value that is sent to nick.com servers-->
            <serverCode>BADGE_SERVER_CODE_HERE</serverCode><!-- This is the code that the server responds with. Needed to verify that a badge has been earned. -->
            <nickPointEventName>badge-one</nickPointEventName> <!-- This will normally be: badge-one, badge-two, badge-three, badge-four, badge-five, trophy -->
            <title><![CDATA[badge title]]></title> <!-- The title of the achievement for in-game display. -->
            <description><![CDATA[badge description here]]></description> <!-- The description of the achievement for in-game display. -->
            <dataType>Number</dataType> <!-- The type of data  that will be sent with this achievement. Can be either Number or String.  -->
            <urlIconEnabled>ICON_ENABLED_FILE_NAME_HERE</urlIconEnabled> <!-- The URL of this achievement's "earned" icon -->
            <urlIconDisabled>ICON_DISABLED_FILE_NAME_HERE</urlIconDisabled> <!-- The URL of this achievement's "not earned yet" icon -->    

Unused Graphics

Sbkitchenencounter testprint.png

AssetPrintable is a drawing of... Squidward? It has the words "TEST PRINT" written on it. This sprite can also be found in SpongeBob SquarePants: Kitchen Encounter and SpongeBob SquarePants: A Log Way From Home, and it makes much more sense to be in those games.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-background sky 1.png

background_sky_1.png is a background of a sky. It is commented out inside config.xml.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-txt splash.png

txt_splash contains an unused splash logo. It may have been called this earlier in development.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-Image 70.png

The game was either once or going to be partnered with Neopets and Popsicle at one point. Functional code still exists inside config.xml.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-Image 207.png

This image can be seen at the game over screen, but the image is cut off from their waists so their legs, and Freddie's arm, are never seen.

ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-AssetScreenGameplayMenu.png ICarly-iFound Sasquatch-AssetScreenEndLevel.png

Placeholder sprites for the pause menu and a level up menu.