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Image Fight (NES)

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Title Screen

Image Fight

Developer: Lenar
Publisher: Irem
Platform: NES
Released in JP: March 16, 1990
Released in US: July 1990

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Image Fight is an arcade vertical shmup ported to several consoles. You are a fighter pilot who needs to defeat an alien armada, but only after finishing your combat training.

Stage Select


At the title screen, hold A + B on controllers 1 and 2, then press Start on controller 1.

Use Select to scroll through stage numbers, Start to choose a stage.

Regional Differences



The Japanese version has an additional image before each stage of the fighter ship launching.


The Japanese and US versions have significant palette differences.

The Japanese version uses a red color for the player sprite, while the US version uses an orange color.

Also, the Japanese version seems to take place in space, while the US version seems to be at sea.

Japan USA
NESImageFightJPBoss.png NESImageFightUSBoss.png
NESImageFightJPSky.png NESImageFightUSSky.png


The US version allows the player to hold the fire button down for rapid-fire, but the Japanese version does not.