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Ishido: The Way of Stones (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen

Ishidō: The Way of Stones

Developer: Software Resources International
Publishers: Publishing International, Accolade, MacPlay
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: 1989

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Ishidō is a cosmic mystery: a board game independently developed by every culture in the ancient world, only to vanish from sight for thousands of...

...okay, so that's just a yarn they made up for marketing purposes. Ishidō is a computer game invented in 1989. It's so simple-yet-compelling that you can almost buy into the legend, though.


In keeping with the game's flavor, Ishidō's debug menu is practically a Zen koan.

Ishido (Mac OS Classic) - Dev Stuff.png

The title of the MENU resource itself is slightly more descriptive: "Dev Stuff". The same resource appears in the color and monochrome versions.