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Title Screen


Developer: Juice Games
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: June 13, 2005
Released in EU: June 17, 2005

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This article is a work in progress.
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To do:
  • At the moment, all of the below content has been found in the Windows version. Check the PS2 and Xbox versions to see if any of this is there as well.
  • Document the prototype build

Cut Vehicles

The game includes over 40 licensed vehicles which can all be customized. Inside the code, there are some references to cut vehicles.

AC Cobra 427

All cars have at least one file for the car's performance. There is however also a few such files for a car named "Cobra". The Cobra is also referenced in some other files that appear to code for the price, available mods, and colours that the cars come in. It is in this file that the car is confirmed to be an AC Cobra 427. Below is the part of this file that references the Cobra:

;;; car type AC COBRA
[BeginCar] cobra "AC COBRA 427"

VALUE 41995

; standard components

; standard wheel name

; standard exhaust name

; bumpers

; rear bumper

; bonnets

; spoiler

; skirts

; headlights

; wmirrors


; Audio



The car is also referenced in the file that codes for unlocking cars in arcade mode, and the file that codes for their default colours in arcade mode. Though it was originally intended to be in the game (and can be seen in footage of the game in its early beta form when the game was simply known as "Juice"), the car does not appear anywhere in the final game. Two reasons they may not have included it are that they may have failed to get licencing from AC, or they decided against including the car because unlike any of the other cars in the game, the AC Cobra is a very valuable collectors car, and the developers thought that a car so valuable should not be associated with tuning and street racing.

Holden Commodore

There is a file for coding the performance of a car named "Commodore". The Holden Monaro, which is very similar to the Commodore, is in the game, but there is also a file for coding the performance of a car named "Monaro", so the file for the "Commodore" cannot be for the Monaro, but just called "Commodore" because the cars are similar, so it is proof that there was originally going to be a Holden Commodore in the game. It was likely removed due to it being too similar to the Monaro.

Test Car

All that is known about the test car is a single reference to it in the game's files, in the file that codes for the default colours of cars in arcade mode. Along with all the normal cars in the game, and the previously mentioned AC Cobra, the test car has a part in this file as well. Below is this part:

;BeginCar TEST
;BaseColour   202 201 203 
;MetallicColour   218 216 219 

Cut Features

Unused "Career Challenges" Mode

There is an entire, but incomplete, file that goes completely unused. This file codes for something that it calls "career challenges". It starts with a template for making the main parts of the file, and code for one career challenge. This appears to be an unused game mode, where the player is given a certain amount of races to complete a task in, starting with specifically provided cars, money and crew. It is also worth noting that in this file, the crew "Vixens" is named "Black Sunrise". The PSP remake, Juiced Eliminator, includes a mode named "career challenge", and functions very similarly to what appears to be in this file, showing that this game mode was being worked on during the development of the original Juiced, but was not finished for an unknown reason, but was later completed and implemented into Juiced Eliminator. The entire incomplete file is below:

; .............................................................................................................................
; .............................................................................................................................
; .............................................................................................................................

;  Career challenges

;   Respect       "Urban Maulerz"                                    
;   Respect       "Angel West Brotherhood"                                
;   Respect       "Black Sunrise"                             
;   Respect       "The Wild Cats"        
;   Respect       "Omega Tau"                                   
;   Respect       "Public Chaos"                               
;   Respect       "The Lordz"                                  
;   Respect       "Legion"                                     

; start conditions   

;   Cash                       50000
;   Crew                       Amber
;   Respect                    "The Wild Cats"      1000
;   CarCollection              CRX                  Modded
; lose conditions

;   TimeIsGreaterThan          365
;   CashIsLessThan             10000
;   RaceLossesIsGreaterThan    5
; win conditions

;   CashIsGreaterThen           500000
;   OwnCars                    20
;   OwnCar                     SKYLINE    5       
;   BetWinnings                100000
;   RaceWinnings               50000
;   HasBeatenCrew              "The Lordz"          5
;   HasWonRaceType             "Circuit"            20
;   HasWonAtLocation           "EAST ANGEL ISLAND"  5
;   HasWonPinkslips            5        

;       100.0f,   //   ERights_Attend,
;       300.0f,   //   ERights_Race,
;       700.0f,   //   ERights_Host,
;      1000.0f,   //   ERights_Illegal,

; .............................................................................................................................
; .............................................................................................................................

; data

;   Name                       "MILLIONNAIRE"
;   Desc                       "you've got one year to make $1,000,000"
; start conditions   

   Cash                       10000
   Respect                    "Urban Maulerz"            800                              
   Respect                    "Angel West Brotherhood"   600                        
   Respect                    "Black Sunrise"            500
   CarCollection              CRX                  Unmodded
; lose conditions

   TimeIsGreaterThan          365
; win conditions

   CashIsGreaterThen           1000000

In the file with all of the in-game text, there are several lines that appear that are likely from this mode, and therefore go unused. These lines are below:

"Days To Go"
"Must have at least"
"Race losses less than"
"Cash is greater than"
"Own number of cars"
"Own car"
"Bet winnings more than"
"Race winnings more than"
"Races at"
"Won pink slips"

Unknown Unused Feature

There are a few files that code for an unknown and completely unused feature. The files start with the name of a street racing crew, sometimes one that doesn’t even appear in the final game, and one of them is named "Player's crew" followed by a short list of cars with colour values. For each of these files the car list is very similar. What these files were meant to be used for in is unknown, but a guess is that originally, each of the crews (including the player's) were going to start with their own collection of cars, which would change as the game progresses. There may also have originally been more than eight rival crews. Below is an example of one such file:

; Tecno Riderz                               


BeginCar civicR
BaseColour 100 100 100
MetallicColour 255 255 255

BeginCar celica
BaseColour 100 100 100
MetallicColour 255 255 255

BeginCar Evo8
BaseColour 170 0 0
MetallicColour 225 0 0

BeginCar CRX
BaseColour 255 186 0
MetallicColour 0 0 0


Unused Arcade Mode Series

In the in-game text file, there are lines for "Development Team Challenge 4 and 5". In the final game, there are only 3 Development Team Challenge Series. There is also "Extreme Nitrous Series" written 5 times, but there is only one Extreme Nitrous Series in the final game.

Prototype Names

The "Urban Maulerz" crew controls the territory known as "San Ricardo", a middle class business/residential city area. In the game's file that codes for what tracks the crews hold events on, as well as what impresses them, their preferred cars and several other things, as well as in the file that codes for the races in the arcade mode, "San Ricardo" is referred to as "Engstrom District".

The A.W.B crew's full name is not ever stated in the game. The only way to see it is inside the game's files, where they are referred to as "Angel West Brotherhood".

Unused Crew Members

In the final game, there are three crew members that the player can hire, named "Vito Davinchi", "Amber", and "Chief". There is a file that codes for these crew members, but there is also an unused version of this file that also codes for 14 unused crew members. They are named "Scars", "Tommy", "Jarred", "Sen Chung", "Hard Nut", "Fatboy", "Selena Leang", "Montombo", "Bruiser", "Lote", "Sue", "August", "Johny" and "Scars 8".

Unused Cheat Codes

The game has a cheat code system, where a four letter phrase can be entered, and if accepted, an effect will happen. The cheat codes however may have been only for developer use, as only one of them works in the final game. However, lines relating to these codes still exist in the in-game text file. These lines are below:

"You have more cash"
"Everyone now respects you"
"You now have all the cars"
"You now have a full crew"
"Character test mode active"
"Win all races active"
"All cheats applied"

The cheat codes still have their functions programmed into the game, but the codes to get them don’t work. There are fan-made tools that allow the player to re-enable the codes, and the cheats all work as expected. Character test mode makes it so that when placing a bet with another driver, instead of the intended scene playing, the player can cycle through all of the different phrases that the characters can say. There is no way to actually choose any normal options however, so the player must reset the game.

Unused Upgrades

In the in-game text file there is a reference to an upgrade named "I.C.E" which isn’t used in the final game.

Unused Audio

RACEE.SDT and UIE.SDT include several clips of crew members and rivals that never pop up in the game as they're meant for features that didn't make it into the final build. (Here are references for Sue Yen's dialogs.)

Loss of Privileges Over Time

Hosting privilege at risk

Racing privilege at risk

Attending privilege at risk

Hosting privilege lost

Racing privilege lost

Attending privilege lost

According to these audios, rival crews were supposed to lose respect on the player as this one stopped visiting their territories for enough of a long while.

More Ways to Earn Respect

Crew likes player's hosted event

The Miscellaneous section below gives more information about the feature this audio showcases.

Player's car appreciated

It seems the looks of the player's car was intended to affect the player's respect among rivals instead of just prompting a video reaction in the bet screen.

Player's driving style appreciated

Since the player can lose respect for damaging rivals' cars, chances are having a clean driving style during a race would have resulted in the opposite.

Player finally races in territory

Apparently related to the previous audios at loss of privileges over time, this dialog would have been used if the player got into an event taking place in a rival's territory between a privilege at risk and a privilege lost prompt.

There's a unused wma folder in Music that's empty. Even if you port over wmas correctly, the game won't load up the new or custom music at all.


It's also worth noting the UIE.SDT file includes a load of files that seem to be placeholders:

crw_bigg_01 / crw_bigg_02


crw_bigg_04 / crw_bigg_05


crw_bigg_0x isn't the only instance of these audios: crw_sue_0x, crw_warr_0x, crw_dizz_0x, crw_mick_0x and crw_jonn_0x all have the same four audios in the same six files with the same two numbers at the end. Nonetheless, although these files appear in UIF.SDT, UIG.SDT and UIS.SDT (the files including French, German and Spanish translations for UIE.SDT's audios, respectively), every single one of them features half a second of straight up literal noise:


According to one of the files, the "Urban Maulerz" crew were originally meant to control "Angel North Central", while the “Wild Cats” crew controlled “San Ricardo”, and not the other way around.

In the file that codes for what the player must do to gain respect for each crew, there are lines of code for each crew saying how much their respect is affected for various things, however, one of these, "Host", is set to 0 for every crew. In the file with all of the in-game text, there are also two lines for gaining or losing respect with a crew due to hosting events, as well as a line that would appear when reading the crew's information under the "impressed by" section. These lines are below:

" enjoy your events."
" do not enjoy your events."
"Cool Events

This may be evidence that there was going to be a ninth rival crew in the game that the player needed to host their own events to impress, but this idea was scrapped, however, the player is still able to host their own events in the final game. It may look like a typo, but no. The third line actually is missing a second set of quotation marks in the game's files.

All version exclusive text, including text used for saving to PlayStation 2 Memory cards etc. are present in the files for all versions of the game.

In the in-game text file there is a reference to unlocking the auto mod feature for individual cars in arcade mode. In the final game however, all cars in arcade mode have auto mod available as soon as they are unlocked.

There are two files that appear to be dummy files, both consist of just one meaningless word. The first one says "canal". The reason that the specific word "canal" word was chosen is unknown. The second one says "poo", probably as a dumb joke from a developer.