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Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Jungle Road

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This is a sub-page of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

Jungle Road originally started just beyond the wooden fences in the Beach level, then continued a little ways past the Monorail Station and end at the Plantation House. However, eventually the Plantation House level was scrapped and merged with Jungle Road. The Beach level was also lengthened to take in some of the old Jungle Road assets, such as the Monorail Station, which marks the end of the Beach level in the final.

Hidden Valley

The "Hidden Valley" is a large, open valley located near Cathy's Beach that was awkwardly closed off in the final version of Jungle Road. Although not accessible by normal means, it's still possible to get into it but only with the ATX patch as the TELE cheat does not work like it should in the retail engine. The FLY and FLYTELE cheats can be used in the ATX patch as well alternatively. If the player takes the path away from the shore and follows it all the way back, eventually they'll reach a dead end where the path does an impossible climb up a steep cliff near a lone Triceratops. It can be teleported to with the coordinates -2220,234,22. For a long time, it was speculated that the valley was going to be used for a Triceratops stampede. However, it turns out that this area actually lead to a beach that was supposed to be foreboding and quiet. This beach was eventually replaced by Cathy's Beach which was pulled over from the dropped Plantation House level. The original plan for it being a sort of dead end "tourist attraction" was most likely canned when Plantation House was merged. It eventually changed to an alternate route to eventually being closed off completely. The final still has a hint (press F1) that mentions two paths.

The valley is present and completely accessible in Build 96, and features a large amount of foliage that was removed from the final. The lone Triceratops, however, is not present. Worth noting is that the valley's location was literally changed after the Plantation House merge, but voiceovers that were supposed to play where the original hidden valley location was were never moved with it. See the misplaced voiceovers section below.

Colt M1911A1

Located way up in the sky at coordinates 22,79,2 in both the final and prototype versions is a weapon not used anywhere in the final version of the game: the Colt M1911A1. The only way to get your hands on this gun is to shoot it out of the sky, a difficult task due to how high up it is. The Colt is functional in both prototypes, but has no proper firing sound, an absurd amount of ammo for a handgun, and deals an unusually large amount of damage. The flash material also uses a strange palette. In the PCgamer and E3 prototypes it's actually placed within the level found near the old shack with the Benelli Shotgun inside. Another one is also found on a crate close to the end of Industrial Jungle in the same prototypes.

Misplaced Voice-overs

Just outside the boundaries of Cathy's Beach are two voice-over nodes which, at first glance, seem to have been hastily removed from the playing field. However, with the leak of a very early version of Jungle Road, it turns out these voice overs were intended to be in that location originally. When Plantation House was merged with Jungle Road, the "Hidden Valley" was moved, but the voice overs weren't moved with it for whatever reason. One is a Hammond voice-over (at -2614,369,11) describing how the shore looked over Trackless ocean all the way to Antarctica. The other is an Anne voice-over (at -2505,382,45) talking about how she used to play in the woods when she was a kid, pretending she was on a spy mission.