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Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Other Scrapped Level Remnants

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This is a sub-page of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

At least three other levels were planned in addition to Pine Valley, that got scrapped. The first of these was Plantation House. This level was eventually watered down and merged with Jungle Road. The second level was the Plains level, which would be an open field where the player could see for long distances featuring a Dam and the Smuggler's Plane. Eventually, it was scrapped and parts of the level were merged with InGen Town. However, it too was also watered down when merged. Originally, InGen Town would have ended as soon as the player exited the town and the Plains level would have began. A third scrapped level was called Shore. It was merged with Pine Valley however. The Shore level would have been very short as it was mostly a long path to the lab, which itself was originally supposed to begin in the harbor before Pine Valley was trashed.

Plantation House

Plantation House was originally supposed to start after Jungle Road as a separate level as mentioned above. The initial plans, according to the 1997 walkthrough created by the developers before production began, were to have the player encounter an Albertosaurus while inside the house and have it attack the house and it would have pieces broken off of it. It seems this was kept in the house's design for a while after being merged with Jungle Road, as in Build 96, the player can shoot parts off of the house. In the final, however, the parts that could be shot off were made immobile, probably due to physics related bugs. Cathy's Beach was also supposed to be much larger. The Plantation House level was also set to feature the Hunters' Camp from the movie and it would have been in ruins due to the destruction that took place in it.

When merged with Jungle Road, many things were cut. The Hunters' camp, if it even existed, was removed. All that remains in the final is a music track that would have been played in it. Cathy's Beach was made smaller as well.

Below is the music track that would have been used for The Hunters' Camp:

There are also connections with Plantation House and the North Gate. Originally, the North gate access would have been blocked off by a landslide, meaning Anne would have to detour around and go through Industrial Jungle. As saw in the final version, the gate is closed off and unused in the Town level.

According to former Executive Producer and Project Leader, Seamus Blackley, the level was scrapped because it was simply too short. Indeed, according to its placement on the map, the riverbed where Industrial Jungle would start was just right after the Hunters' Camp but before the Plantation House.

The Plains

The Plains level was to take place between the InGen Town level and the scrapped Pine Valley. As mentioned earlier, InGen Town was initially supposed to end after getting out of the gates. From there, the player would travel the plains level. The plains level was originally supposed to hold the Dam, see in the final iteration of the Town level, and the Smuggler's plane found in Industrial Jungle in the final. The path to the dam was originally supposed to be much longer and the level was supposedly mostly flat which would have allowed the player to see for miles in all directions. In Build 96, there are numerous unused voice overs that would seem to only fit in this level. Most of these voice overs were removed from the final's Stream.tpa. All of the music tracks were left in the final Stream.tpa however. One of these is used in the final for climbing the hill in the Lab Level after exiting the harbor.

This other track, however, was left unused:

The planned puzzle was to find a battery for a gate opening device to access the dam. The level would have probably forced the player to travel great distances to encourage exploration while hunting for the battery. The goal was to find a dinosaur with a tracking collar on its neck and get the battery from it. However, not all the dinosaurs had one making it a bit more difficult. Many of the unused voice overs in Build 96 reference the collars and such.


This level is really just the Geothermal plant from Pine Valley, and the Harbor from the InGen Lab levels all in one level. Originally, when exiting the harbor, the player would start the lab level outside the harbor. Most likely, Shore was removed because it had two rather complex puzzles and it seems like it would have been a little bit too anti-climatic. As a result, the level was split in half. One half was added to the beginning of the InGen Lab level and the other half was added to Pine Valley. In the end, the Pine Valley half would go unused as Pine Valley too was scrapped. There's actually no hard evidence that the level ever existed beyond the 1997 developer walkthrough, though a number of objects in the InGen Lab and Pine Valley levels do have "shore" in their file names. This may however be referencing the area rather than the level.