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Karateka (Commodore 64)

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Title Screen


Developer: Brøderbund Software
Publisher: Brøderbund Software
Platform: Commodore 64
Released in US: 1985

PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Anti-Piracy Features

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Specifically: How are these actually triggered?
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List the effects of the routines which do not have the effects listed.

The game has multiple routines related to copy protection, taking a minefield approach to anti-piracy:

  1. A routine that checks one byte, which scrambles music.
  2. A routine that checks one byte, which makes playing by the keyboard impossible.
  3. A routine that prevents the player from walking through a door.
  4. A routine that increases the opponent's regeneration.
  5. A routine that makes the hawk invulnerable.
  6. A routine that prevents movement when facing the final opponent.
  7. A routine that crashes the game when played on an NTSC system.
  8. A second routine that prevents walking through a door.
  9. A routine that is active before the game loads the levels.