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Keitai Denjuu Telefang/SGB Colors

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This is a sub-page of Keitai Denjuu Telefang.

This is a list of Super Game Boy color palettes in Telefang. The palette data starts at ROM offset 0xEBC8. Even if the Super Game Boy flag is hacked to be enabled, the majority of these color palettes are still unused, except for a very small number of them.

Only the following palettes are used if the SGB flag is enabled:

  • Palette 0x00 is used on the title screen. Since the game never uses the PAL_SET command after this, it is also used on all subsequent screens, making the entire game white.
  • Palette 0x01 is used for the opening credits and the bottom half of the Natsume logo. It is also used in a blank area below the Smilesoft logo, but this only affects the background color, since the other three colors of this palette are not used on this screen. This is due to the fact that the Smilesoft logo uses the same attribute file as the Natsume logo, for an unknown reason.
  • Palette 0x0A is used for the Smilesoft logo.
  • Palette 0x0C is used for the top part of the Natsume logo.
  • Palette 0x2F is used for the Comic BomBom logo.
Palette ID Color 0x00 Color 0x01 Color 0x02 Color 0x03
0x00 0xF8F8F8 0xF8F8F8 0xF8F8F8 0xF8F8F8
0x01 0xF8F8F8 0x909090 0x484848 0x181818
0x02 0xF8F8F8 0xF88098 0xD03848 0x000000
0x03 0xF8F8F8 0x60A8F8 0x2860F8 0x000000
0x04 0xF8F8F8 0xF8D040 0xF89030 0x000000
0x05 0xF8F8F8 0xB8E858 0x68B020 0x000000
0x06 0xF8F8F8 0xF8C870 0xB88048 0x481800
0x07 0xF8F8F8 0xD8A8F8 0xA858D8 0x281040
0x08 0xF8F8F8 0xF8A068 0xF88020 0x481800
0x09 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F880 0xD8B868 0x000000
0x0A 0xF8F8F8 0xF89890 0xF85850 0xE80000
0x0B 0xF8F8F8 0xC0C0C0 0x707070 0x101010
0x0C 0xF8F8F8 0x90E8E8 0x48C8C8 0x00B0B0
0x0D 0xF8F8F8 0xF88840 0xD83800 0x000000
0x0E 0xF8F8F8 0x3068F8 0x0030D8 0x000000
0x0F 0xF8F8D8 0x3068F8 0x0030D8 0x000000
0x10 0xF8F8F8 0xF88080 0x006000 0x800000
0x11 0xF8F8F8 0x6090F8 0x006000 0x001080
0x12 0xF8F8F8 0xF8E040 0x006000 0x404000
0x13 0xF8F8F8 0x88E060 0x006000 0x005800
0x14 0xF8F8F8 0xE89858 0x006000 0x603000
0x15 0xF8F8F8 0xD878D8 0x006000 0x401040
0x16 0xF8F8F8 0x20B8F8 0x006000 0x003878
0x17 0xF8F8F8 0xA8A8A8 0x006000 0x282828
0x18 0xF8F8F8 0xF898D0 0x006000 0x500828
0x19 0xF8F8F8 0xF8B890 0x006000 0x603020
0x1A 0xF8F8F8 0x18C0A8 0x006000 0x004020
0x1B 0xF8F8F8 0xF8C000 0x006000 0x403000
0x1C 0xF8F8F8 0xF88020 0x006000 0x582000
0x1D 0xF8F8F8 0x90B8A8 0x006000 0x204030
0x1E 0xF8F8F8 0x9090B0 0x006000 0x282840
0x1F 0xF8F8F8 0xB09090 0x006000 0x402828
0x20 0xF8F8F8 0xC09870 0x905818 0x382008
0x21 0xF8F8F8 0xC0C058 0x888820 0x303008
0x22 0xF8F8F8 0xA8A888 0x686848 0x282818
0x23 0xF8F8F8 0xB09880 0x706050 0x382008
0x24 0xF8F8F8 0x90D070 0x48A810 0x184000
0x25 0xF8F8F8 0x90B060 0x507000 0x202800
0x26 0xF8F8F8 0x78B0B0 0x407070 0x182828
0x27 0xF8F8F8 0xD89880 0xB85838 0x482010
0x28 0xF8F8F8 0x7098E0 0x2058C8 0x082050
0x29 0xF8F8F8 0x60A0C0 0x006888 0x002830
0x2A 0xF8F8F8 0xC88098 0xA03050 0x401020
0x2B 0xF8F8F8 0xF88800 0x2020A8 0x000000
0x2C 0xF8F8F8 0x9898B0 0xF82020 0x000000
0x2D 0xF8F8F8 0x9898B0 0x585878 0x000000
0x2E 0xF8F8F8 0x8888F8 0x2020A8 0x000000
0x2F 0xF8F8F8 0xF8A000 0xF84000 0x901000
0x30 0xF8F8F8 0xF88080 0xC03030 0x800000
0x31 0xF8F8F8 0x6090F8 0x2038C0 0x001080
0x32 0xF8F8F8 0xF8E040 0x989800 0x404000
0x33 0xF8F8F8 0x88E060 0x189818 0x005800
0x34 0xF8F8F8 0xE89858 0xB85808 0x603000
0x35 0xF8F8F8 0xD878D8 0x803880 0x401040
0x36 0xF8F8F8 0x20B8F8 0x0070C0 0x003878
0x37 0xF8F8F8 0xA8A8A8 0x606060 0x282828
0x38 0xF8F8F8 0xF898D0 0xC03058 0x500828
0x39 0xF8F8F8 0xF8B890 0xF87840 0x603020
0x3A 0xF8F8F8 0x18C0A8 0x287050 0x004020
0x3B 0xF8F8F8 0xF8C000 0xA88000 0x403000
0x3C 0xF8F8F8 0xF88020 0xC84000 0x582000
0x3D 0xF8F8F8 0x90B8A8 0x507060 0x204030
0x3E 0xF8F8F8 0x9090B0 0x505068 0x282840
0x3F 0xF8F8F8 0xB09090 0x685050 0x402828
0x40 0xF8F8F8 0xF84040 0x900000 0x000000
0x41 0xF8F8F8 0x404070 0x181840 0x000000
0x42 0xF8F8F8 0x88D000 0xF80038 0x000000
0x43 0xF8F8F8 0xF89000 0xC00000 0x000000
0x44 0xF8F8F8 0xF8C0D0 0xF88068 0x000000
0x45 0xF8F8F8 0xA0E8F8 0x00A0F8 0x000000
0x46 0xF8F8F8 0xF8F8A0 0xC8C800 0x000000
0x47 0xF8F8F8 0x68F8C0 0x00C890 0x000000
0x48 0xF8F8F8 0xF8D8B0 0xB09058 0x000000
0x49 0xF8F8F8 0xE0C8F8 0xA068C0 0x000000
0x4A 0xF8F8F8 0xF8C888 0xF88890 0x000000
0x4B 0xF8F8F8 0xE0F0B8 0xA0A0A0 0x000000
0x4C 0xF8F8F8 0xD8F0C0 0x90A0A8 0x000000
0x4D 0xF8F8F8 0xD0F0C8 0x80A0B0 0x000000
0x4E 0xF8F8F8 0xD0F0C8 0x7098B8 0x000000
0x4F 0xF8F8F8 0xC8F0D0 0x6098C0 0x000000
0x50 0xF8F8F8 0xC8F0D8 0x5098C8 0x000000
0x51 0xF8F8F8 0xC0F0E0 0x4098D0 0x000000
0x52 0xF8F8F8 0xB8F0E0 0x3090D8 0x000000
0x53 0xF8F8F8 0xB8F0E8 0x2090E0 0x000000
0x54 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F0F0 0x1090E8 0x000000
0x55 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8F8 0x0090F0 0x000000
0x56 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8F0 0x0090E0 0x000000
0x57 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8E8 0x0890D0 0x000000
0x58 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8E0 0x1090C0 0x000000
0x59 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8D8 0x1898B0 0x000000
0x5A 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8D8 0x1898A0 0x000000
0x5B 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8D0 0x209890 0x000000
0x5C 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8C8 0x289880 0x000000
0x5D 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8C0 0x30A070 0x000000
0x5E 0xF8F8F8 0xB0F8B8 0x38A060 0x000000
0x5F 0xF8F8F8 0xD86868 0xD85050 0xD80000
0x60 0xF8F8F8 0x78A0C0 0x284860 0x000000
0x61 0xF8F8F8 0x9870C0 0x582880 0x000000