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Kick Off 3: European Challenge (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Kick Off 3: European Challenge

Developer: Anco Software
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Platform: Genesis
Released in EU: 1994

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Sound Driver Credits

Multiple sound driver credits can be found in the ROM.


Audio Driver (C)Copyright 1994 Ash Hogg, Software Engineer t/a Integrated Applications Research. All rights reserved.
68000/Z80 Driver Software Programmed by Ash Hogg. 
***** Project Title: 'KICK OFF 3' ***** Date: 18-Aug-94 *****


Genesis Audio Driver, Z80 Tyny Module (C)Copyright 1994 Ash Hogg. All Rights Reserved.   
Project: KICK OFF 3 (Anco/Imagineer).  E-Mail: ash@intar.demon.co.uk  


[UniSound Audio System] Sega Genesis/Megadrive/MegaCD 68000 Core Driver. 
(C) Copyright 1994 Ash Hogg, All Rights Reserved.


UniSound Driver System. Sega Genesis/MegaCD Z80 Module.  Revision 1.1. (C)Copyright 1994 Ash Hogg, All Rights Reserved.