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Killer Bees (Magnavox Odyssey²)

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Title Screen

Killer Bees

Also known as: La ruche infernale (FR box art), Abelhas Assassinas (BR box art)
Developer: NAP Consumer Electronics[1]
Publishers: Magnavox[1] (US), Philips[1] (EU/BR)
Platform: Magnavox Odyssey²
Released in US: April 1983[2][1]
Released in EU: 1983[1]
Released in BR: 1984[1]

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Bob Harris' thrilling saga of alien bee robots getting stung to death by Earth's bees.

Developer Credits

HUD Text

KillerBeesO2 RoSHaCred.png

On the title screen, hold down ? and start a new game. The HUD text will be replaced with "BEES BY ROSHA"; RoSHa is the nickname of the game's programmer, Robert Harris.

High Score Initials

KillerBeesO2 HighscoreInits.png

Pressing any of the function/punctuation keys on the high score name entry screen will automatically fill (or replace) the name with the initials of one of Magnavox's Odyssey² game developers.

Key Initials Developer
+ RLC Robert L. Cheezem
- SRO Sam Overton
* JMB Jim Butler
/ AWP Alan Pearson
. REX Rex Battenberg
? RSH Robert Harris

In addition, pressing = will generate a three-digit code based on your score. This was part of a planned system where the code would be sent alongside a high score to verify it (as opposed to sending in a photo). However, Magnavox's marketing team didn't understand the concept, so the idea was scrapped.

Slow Mode

On the title screen, hold down either 1 or 5 and start a new game. The game will be slowed down to around a quarter of the normal speed, though the scoring system will be disabled. This mode was used to test and debug the game during development.

(Source: Digital Press (Thomas Becker, Jason Gohlke, Dieter Konig))