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Kimi no Kimochi Boku no Kokoro

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Title Screen

Kimi no Kimochi Boku no Kokoro

Developer: Japan Media Programming
Publisher: Takara
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: September 14, 1999

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Hidden Codes

Kimi no Kimochi Boku no Kokoro Hidden Scenario.png

Input one of the following names in place of the protagonist's name to execute hidden scenarios:

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
  • Transcribe and translate the staff messages here.
  • What are "another RPG-like scenario" and "unlock some features"?
Last Name First Name Last Name (Translation) First Name (Translation) Notes
耕一♂ Nobori Kouichi ♂ Staff Message.
牧野 修♂ Makino Osamu ♂ Staff Message.
藤田 善久♂ Fujita Yoshihisa ♂ Staff Message.
松下 美香♀ Matsushita Mika ♀ Staff Message.
新保 真澄♀ Shinbo Masumi ♀ Staff Message.
桑原 敏道♂ Kuwahara Toshimichi ♂ Staff Message.
前橋 敏行♂ Maehashi Toshiyuki ♂ Staff Message.
加藤 政夫♂ Katou Masao ♂ Another RPG-like scenario and Staff Message.
緒方 祐貴♂ Ogata Yuki(Hirotaka) ♂ Staff Message.
新保 茂行♂ Shinbo Shigeyuki ♂ Unlock all music in sound test.
史郎 Hibiki Shirou Unlock some features.
セカンド エイジ Second Age Unlock some features. (same as Hibiki Shirou's one).
エンド 03 End 03 Ending #03.
エンド 04 End 04 Ending #04.
エンド 07 End 07 Ending #07.
エンド 08 End 08 Ending #08.
エンド 09 End 09 Ending #09.
エンド 15 End 15 Ending #15.
エンド 16 End 16 Ending #16.
エンド 17 End 17 Ending #17.
エンド 19 End 19 Ending #19.
エンド 20 End 20 Ending #20.
エンド 22 End 22 Ending #22.
エンド 23 End 23 Ending #23.
エンド 24 End 24 Ending #24.
エンド 25 End 25 Ending #25.
エンド 26 End 26 Ending #26.
エンド 27 End 27 Ending #27.
(Source: Original TCRF research)