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Knight Force (Amstrad CPC)

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Title Screen

Knight Force

Developer: Titus
Publishers: Titus, EDOS (re-release)
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released in EU: 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Nice CPC graphics, not so great gameplay.

Developer Message

On both sides of the disk, there are messages that can be found on Track 39, Sector 0C.

On Side A...

Dis Patrice... On partage l'argent que tu 
vas gagner sur ce jeu ? Eric, Gil & Didier
Say Patrice... How about we share the money
when you'll win this game? Eric, Gil & Didier

On Side B...

Secteur Interdit a Patrice Maubert. 
Protection TITUS 1989, touche pas a mes pistes !
Sector Protected from Patrice Maubert. 
Protection TITUS 1989, do not touch my tracks!

(Source: CPC Power)