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Kon'ya mo Asamade Powerful Mahjong 2 (Sharp X68000)

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Title Screen

Kon'ya mo Asamade Powerful Mahjong 2

Developer: dB-SOFT
Publisher: dB-SOFT
Platform: Sharp X68000
Released in JP: February 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Kon'ya mo Asamade Powerful Mahjong 2 is just one of many erotic mahjong games.

Developer Message

Found in the first 400 bytes of User Disk (Disk 2). This can be seen by booting from the User Disk instead of the System Disk (Disk 1).









A translation of the above:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for buying Powerful Mahjong2!!

Shall we tell a special hint to the lucky few who've found this?

	At the first complete continue command, if you press the 'S' key before you put your name in, 
	the Mahjong tiles will scatter.  Furthermore, if you press '@' at the time mentioned above, you'll be 
	able to see your opponent's tiles during the game.  Try it and see!!!

As for "Excite", there's already a surprised girl that will get bigger!
	If you press and hold the 'K' key when the screen changes, 
	you'll only be able to see the time of your points.  Too bad, huh?  
	There are other keys you can press too, try it!

As for "Wandering", when the world map shows up, if you put in your password, 
	the gambling and small fish layout will change, there'll be a sound effect, 
	so give it a try.

After that, the nomal Mahjong speed changes and whatnot, so look for it.

This is the last one but the scheduled release date was pushed back, so we're sorry about that.
	From here on out, we'll do our best to not be late anymore.
Again, because we want to put out X68000 games without us being disgusted with them, 
thank you for waiting patiently!

Well then, shall we meet again!

- The dB-SOFT developers