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Koushien 2

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Title Screen

Koushien 2

Developer: Affect
Publisher: K. Amusement Leasing
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: June 26, 1992

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Debug Flags

Located at SNES address $00AF2D-00AF32 is a set of three 16-bit debug flags. All are set to #$0000 to turn the debug features off.

00AF2D - Debug Menu

Koushien 2 SNES debug menu.png

Use Pro Action Replay code 00AF2D01 or Game Genie code DFC4-A707 to access the debug menu on bootup. Note that there's no visible cursor, so you'll need to keep track of your D-Pad Up/Down presses when making a selection. Or, monitor memory address $7E052A in a debugger, which holds the index. Press the A button or Start to confirm the selection. Watch out, there's an invisible sixth option (index #$05) that will crash the game if selected.

(Source: KungFuFurby)


Otherwise known as Normal Game, it jumps to the title screen.


Koushien 2 SNES SCROLL TEST.png

A baseball field scroll test with the coordinates displayed at the top of the screen. Use the D-Pad to move around. Hold the A or B buttons as you move the D-Pad to increase the scroll speed.


Koushien 2 SNES OBJ MOVE TEST.png

This screen uses the same controls as the scroll test, but no object seems to be present to test with.



An object viewer.


  • A button - increase COLOR (palette) index
  • B button - decrease COLOR
  • X button - increase BANK
  • Y button - decrease BANK
  • d-pad up - increase FLAG (sprite assembly index?)
  • d-pad down - decrease FLAG
  • d-pad right - increase STYL (animation index)
  • d-pad left - decrease STYL
  • Start button - switches between H: NOMAL/REVERSE
  • Select button - switches between V: NOMAL/REVERSE


Koushien 2 SNES HIT AREA TEST.png


00AF2F - 1P vs. 2P Game

Use Pro Action Replay code 00AF2F01 or Game Genie code DFC4-A7A7 to instantly begin a 1P vs. 2P game on bootup. When the game is finished, it starts over again.

00AF31 - Game Debug

Use Pro Action Replay code 00AF3101 or Game Genie code DFC7-AD07 to activate a set of controller debug functions.

Before Game

  • When the two teams line up between home plate and the mound, on controller 2 hold the R shoulder button until the game begins to skip to the 9th inning.

During Game

  • On controller 1 press A + B + X + Y + R shoulder button to soft reset.
  • On controller 1 hold R shoulder button and press L shoulder button to end the half-inning.
  • In pitcher/batter view, on controller 1 press L shoulder button to put a ball in play. It will usually hit hard enough to reach the outfield wall, or over it for a home run.
  • In field view, on controller 1 press L shoulder button to advance to the next batter.
  • On controller 2, hold X button during the screen transition when a ball is hit to make it always go to right field.
  • On controller 2, hold R shoulder button during the screen transition when a ball is hit to make it always go foul to left field.

After Game

When the final score appears, on controller 2 hold R shoulder button until after the announcer's voice. Unknown effect, but likely related to the win/loss record.

7E14FF Menu

On bootup, the game stores #$0000 to memory address 7E14FF, then in the very next operation checks if it's zero:

$00/A689 9C FF 14    STZ $14FF  [$00:14FF]
$00/A68C AD FF 14    LDA $14FF  [$00:14FF]
$00/A68F D0 06       BNE $06    [$A697]

Use Pro Action Replay code 00A68F80 or Game Genie code 6DC6-67AF to force the alternate branch path, which brings up this menu:

Koushien 2 SNES 7E14FF bootup menu.png

Tournament List
New Tournament Stage