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Kyonshiizu 2

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Title Screen

Kyonshiizu 2

Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Taito
Platform: NES
Released in JP: September 25, 1987

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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The game performs PROM/CROM CRC tests at the game boot automatically. Only if one of the tests failed, could you see one of the following messages:

What's wrong with a prom? The new Google Crom.


If PROM/CROM tests are passed, you could check or reinit work RAM. Press and hold Up + Down + Left + Right before powering up the console. After power is on, the screen with garbage will be displayed and the program will wait for the A button on the first controller to be pressed.

When done, if WRAM is properly initialized, a message "WORK RAM INIT OK" will be displayed all along with the "PROM OK!" and "CROM OK!" messages for a very short time.

..okay, then.

In other case, you'll see a message "WORK RAM NO INIT. PUSH B" and then "PLEASE SET POWER OFF" when B is pressed and WRAM is initialized.

Pull B Pinch B

Debug Leftovers

The gate of the temple where you begin the game has some debug leftovers. Any time during the game, go to the temple, make 3 steps to the south from it and stand under the gate's roof. While you are hidden behind the gate's roof, pause the game by pressing Start. Now you may use a couple of debug features:

  • Press Select on Controller 1 to instantly skip to the next time of day, which normally changes slowly as time goes by. There are a total of 4 time periods: afternoon, evening, night and morning.
  • Switch or wait for the evening (it's reddish, don't be mistaken it with morning, which is reddish too), then press Down + A + B on Controller 2, unpause the game and enter to the temple and select "おやすみ" ("Sleep") option. If done right, Othera gives you 100000 of "money" before you sleep.

Red Sands!Rollin' in the dough!