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Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Luigi's Mansion (GameCube).

Door (Effect Folder)

Smells moldy.

A very odd looking model considering the art style doesn't fit with Luigi's Mansion. This particular model is located within the effect folder of all places. The model comes in two different formats; MDL (the one most commonly used by LM) and BMD. There is a copy of the texture used on the door's frame called doorVAC_BODY_ITA4.

Unused Doors

There are three unused door objects within the game.

Heart Door

Heart Door Heart Door being unlocked
Smells like Satan. That's the key to Luigi's heart!

This door is pink and features heart designs. Early footage of the game showed that this door was originally intended to lead to the Nursery, the room where the first area's boss is found. It has a unique cut scene for being unlocked, showing the heart-studded door instead of the normal door model.

Star Door

Star Door Star Door being unlocked
Smells like spoiled brats. Luigi is the star.

A blue door featuring stars. Early footage of the game reveals that this was originally the door that led into the Twins' Room. Like the heart door above, a unique unlocking cut scene is present for this door that uses a highly detailed version of the star door rather than the model for the normal doors.

Ghost Machine/Gallery Door

The lab door seen in the Portificationizer and Gallery rooms has a dedicated cutscene model. However, it just appears to be a placeholder since lab exploration was removed earlier in the game's development.

Gallery Door Gallery Door being unlocked
In-game model swap. What? This isn't the same door!


'ello there

The model elh is a tall, faceless, twisting creature. According to the entries, it was compiled a month after Luigi's Mansion appeared at E3. It has six animations. It has no textures, nor any UV maps that would support textures, meaning it either relied entirely on shaders, particles, or never reached the texturing phase. Elh has four particle effects dedicated to itself.

elh.szp/1.10/Tue Jun 19 01:22:48 2001/-kb/


  • elh_fire_ai
  • elh_fire_b
  • elh_ice_a
  • elh_ice_b


  • attack - Attack.
  • damage - Damage.
  • idol - Idling animation.
  • idor - Another idling animation.
  • taiki - Translates to standby.
  • tojo - Translates to appear.

(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever, GlitterBerri (translation))

Early Bogmire (shadow)

Early (shadow) Final (bfire)
LMbogmireunused.png LMbogmireused.png

The model shadow is an earlier version of Bogmire that appears to be compiled a few weeks before the other three Bogmire models were added to the game. The textures are the same, but the appearance is remarkably different. It has longer wings with skinnier flabs of ectoplasm hanging down, a defined lower lip or chin, and a visibly sorrowful and eerie expression. It also has a typical wavy ghost bottom, whereas the final Bogmire has a blob bottom.

(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever)


Unused (bmario) Used (dmario)
LuigisMansion-Mario model.png Luigismansion dmario.png

The file bmario is a second model of Mario, stretched to Luigi's proportions and equipped with back straps for the Poltergust 3000. The geometry of the model is simpler than Mario's final in-game model. The model shares the same early animations that luige uses.

The model's true purpose is unknown, but it may have been involved in a boss battle or a bonus feature, as indicated by the "b-" prefix in its file name. It is also possible that it could have been part of a scrapped multiplayer mode indicating the fact it contains copies of Luigi's animations, or just a developer in-joke. It was recompiled again during major changes to the designs and content in June.

/bmario.szp/1.3/Sat Jun 16 08:23:34 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley)


LM Unused Luige.png

It's Luigi's game play model, right? The used Luigi model is in game_usa/data/model while this one is unused, sitting in the models archive. It also has early animations, same as what bmario has.

(Source: LMFinish)


LM Tomato Render.png
LM Early Chef Ghost Tomato.jpg

According to the entries list, this model, named tomato, was added on May 23, possibly making it the earliest model in the list. However, this isn't the case as most models had several revisions from February to August. The tomato was likely left out because it has no other place.

This appears to be the same model that the "Chef Ghost" is holding in one of the prerelease screenshots. In game.szp, the model is replaced by the bowling ball when game.szp is loaded into RAM.

It has two animations: wait and rot. Wait is it being stationary, while rot is it rotating.

(Source: Catley)


LM flag Render.png

A white flag that has an unknown purpose. Its waiting animation is the flag waving around.

(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever)

Early Poltergust (vbody)

LM Unused Model V body.png

The original Poltergust 3000 model as seen in the E3 2001 build.

(Source: Catley)

Water Nozzle (wpwater)

LM wpwater Render.png

The water nozzle was briefly seen in the E3 2001 presentation. It was used to showcase the fluid simulation for the water element and it was only seen in the presentation copy of the E3 prototype. It would have replaced the normal vacuum nozzle when pressing the L trigger.

E3 2001 Presentation Game Screenshot (with AR)
LM Wpwater e3.png Cutting cosmetic features sure is cool!
(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever, Catley)

Air Nozzle (wpair)

LM wpair Render.png

The air nozzle would have replaced the normal vacuum nozzle when pressing the L trigger if you didn't have any elementals in your inventory.

(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever, Catley)


LM Unused Textures Model Portions Ball.png

Technically, these are seen in the final game; except they are under a different model name called star.mdl. Ball has an entirely different purpose compared to Star. Ball has skewing animations, while Star is a static object. Ball also has a number of textures for diversity, whereas Star only has one texture. Ball was originally seen in the E3 2001 trailer, just bouncing around doing ghost things.

(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever)


LM unusedbeam render.png

Some sort of particle related to flashlight. What's odd is that it's not in the game's .pcr particle format.

(Source: luigim1)


A spider web. While all of the spider web models/graphics are located in game_usa.szp (or game.szp if its the Japanese version) under the .bin format, this spider web model is located in the models folder and is under the .mdl format. It is never loaded.

(Source: luigim1)


Located in In Iwamoto/map2/, it contains an early version of the map and other nonsense.


Luimans gide lui.png

There is a very peculiar Luigi model. It holds Luigi's classic color scheme, along with looking like a creepy Matryoshka doll. It is an early version for the model of Luigi's head that appears on the Game Boy Horror's maps.

(Source: Gamma (discovery), Catley & ItsEasyActually (compression tools), Arookas (Demolisher BIN Viewer))


LM Gidemap EarlyMansion.png

F1 F2
LM UnusedMap F1.png LM UnusedMap F2.png
F3 Basement
LM UnusedMap F3.png LM UnusedMap BASEMENT.png

It's the early version of the map on the Game Boy Horror. It resembles the mansion layout from the E3 2001 demo. There is oddly an extra room on the left side of the Balcony on the third floor.

(Source: luigim1)


LM Gidemap RedDoor.png

The early version of a locked door. It uses a red outline instead of the door hole symbol.


LM Gidemap RedDoorDouble.png

Same as g_d1x.bin except its for the double doors in the Foyer/Parlor.


LM Gidemap DoorAccess.png

Oddly enough, its the same as the final version.


LM Gidemap DoubleDoorAccess.png

Same as above except for the double doors.


The key model.

Unused Color Variations

Some models in the game were intended to have alternate textures.


Unused (Green) Used (Normal)
Luigimans-greentoad.png Luigimans redtoadcompare.png

There is an unused texture that replaces Toad's red dots and turns them into green dots, and co-exists with a similar green-capped icon. It definitely would have added a bit more of variety.

Action Replay Code (NTSC-U):

0433BA28 00000049
0033BA31 00000002
0433BA38 00000001
(Source: Ralf@GCForever)

Shy Guys

LM Unused Textures Heypoo Colors.png

While the ghostly Shy Guys appear in a number of colors, none of them are blue or cyan. The textures for these particular colors are the last two in the model's texture list. They can also be brought into the game with AR codes, but it doesn't seem to work right.

(Source: Catley)


LM Rat-Pink.png

Mice can appear in different colors like blue, purple, and in some situations gold. However, there's also a pink colored mouse texture that goes by the name rat_3 that's completely unused.

Henry and Orville

Henry and Orville have different colored shirts, but for whatever reason, the data is duplicated. Henry has a blue shirt, but has additional data to use Orville's red shirt texture and vice versa for Orville. This is clearly an oversight unless there were other plans for the twins. In a more elaborate explanation, only one model exists for the twins, but there is another file included within the archive that calls for another model to be duplicated with the same data.



Robotic arms are evil

Found in Iwamoto\map1\h_01.bin This is an unused version of E. Gadd's lab main room. There is no difference besides one stand used for one of the robotic arms. It was used in the E3 2001 build.

(Source: luigim1 (Discovery), Arookas (Demolisher BIN Viewer)])


Unused Ghost Portificanizer

Found in Iwamoto\map1\h_02.bin This is an earlier version of the Ghost Portrificationizer Room, presumably used in the E3 2001 build. There is a "door bump", indicating that the room may have been accessible instead of warping there. A ball of dirt is in place of the door leading to the Gallery.

(Source: luigim1 (Discovery), Arookas (Demolisher BIN Viewer)])


Gold Table

LM GoldTable.png

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_04\otuku.bin The Mirror Room has a lack of furniture minus the drawer at the right end of the room. While there is no indication where it would have been located in the room, it may have been in the middle or a corner of the room.

(Source: Catley)

Area 2 to Courtyard Hallway Dupe Data

Found in map2\room_07\room..bin This seems to be a very simple naming mistake. However, this is identical to the room.bin that ends up getting loaded.

(Source: Catley)

Billiards Room Loveseat


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_12\isu12_1.bin It seems that the Billiards Room was going to be a bit more expansive and have more furniture. It fits in well with the stool seen at one of the corner tables.

(Source: Catley)


My hipster levels are increasing!

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_13\chiku.bin Not a whole lot can be said for this particular model. It might have worked in conjunction with the projector or as a second sort of activation method to make the ghosts appear.

(Source: Catley)

Unused Area 3 Upper Hallway


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_15\room.bin At first glance, this looks the same as the final Area 3 upper hallway. The two biggest differences are the rug at the door and have triangle accents on the walls, likely indicating where doors would go. This seems to be a very early version, most likely a similar scene as seen in the E3 trailer. Also, it seems a bit odd this would be seen so early in the order the levels are laid out.

(Source: Catley)

Chauncey's Mobile


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_24\bat.bin While it was never seen in E3 2001 gameplay or any trailers, it is possible this was an earlier addition judging by the style of the mobile. It would most likely function the same as the mobile in the Twins' room.

(Source: Catley)

Guest Room Lamp


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_28\lamp1.bin The guest room does have a small table, but a clown doll sits on top of it. This is duplicate data seeing as it is seen in other rooms such as the Parlor.

(Source: Catley)

Original Vase

Now with 100% more prototype!

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_29\tubo30_1.bin Seen in multiple areas in E3 footage, Area 1 used to also have the same small tables seen throughout the mansion. The trap doors replaced the original tables, but, they seemed to forget to remove the original vase model in the process. However, it can be seen in the background in the Kitchen on the shelf, in the fridge and in the cupboard and in the Butler's Room on the high-up shelf. Also, the model was later repurposed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Luigi's Mansion stage, alongside the regular vase.

(Source: Catley)

Study Ladder


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_34\hasi34_1.bin A ladder which would have been very fitting for the theme of the room. Quite a shame it goes unused.

(Source: Catley)

Earlier Medicine Cabinet


Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_42\tana42.bin While this particular version of the Washroom does not have a medicine cabinet that can be opened unlike Area 2, it does have a similar medicine cabinet which is a much simpler model with no animation for it to open.

(Source: Catley)


Unused Room

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room01A.bin This map only fits in the Secret Room in the normal mansion aside from the test level. It reuses texture from the foyer. This is supposed to be a variation room for the Secret Room. There's a rug to the right, indicating a door originally went in place.

(Source: Catley (Discovery), Arookas (Demolisher BIN Viewer)])

Breaker room

Unused Room

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room̜_67\b1_c_67.bin This room is an older a version of the breaker room. In comparison to the original room this one does have a door one the left side instead of the front side and less details overall. For example the frame of the mirror is missing, the wall has a less accurate UV map. It's worth to mention that the frame of the door doesn't have any textures but does have the same geometry as the original doorframe.

(Source: Waschpenner)

Duplicate Data

Framed Picture

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_03\pic10.bin Technically this isn't unused, but it could just be leftover duplicate data since there's no fitting place for it in Clairvoya's room. It is also seen in rooms such as the Parlor.

(Source: Catley)

Washroom Duplicate Picture Data

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_17\pic10.bin Same as Clairvoya's room. Must have either been planned or it's a simple leftover for a different room.

(Source: Catley)

Duplicate Breaker Data

Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_65\break.bin This isn't unused, but it's most likely just a leftover import.

(Source: Catley)

Unseen Models


That's freezin' cool!

A primitive icicle. Don't stick your tongue to it. It is loaded for the Cold Storage room, but Map\map2\j3d_effect\k09-tsurara_s is the used for the icicles in that room, not this. It's purpose seems unknown.

(Source: GlitterBerri (translation))