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Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Luigi's Mansion (GameCube).

Effect Folder

The Effect folder isn't what you expect... The folder contains a mix of an unused door, a blue effect, and a canned variation of the ghost glow used in the game. It's one of few unused folders in the game.


Model Animation
LM door.bmd Render.png LM-DoorAnim.gif

An early door model for the unlocking door cutscene since the animation syncs up with the final one. This model is strangely located within the Effect folder, and the art style doesn't really fit the game. The model comes in two different formats: "door.mdl" and "door.bmd"; with each model having an corresponding identical animation of the door opening: "door.bck" for "door.bmd", and "door.key" for "door.mdl".

/door.bck/1.1/Fri Feb 23 06:45:09 2001/-kb/
/door.bmd/1.1/Fri Feb 23 06:45:09 2001/-kb/
/door.key/1.1/Fri Feb 23 06:45:09 2001/-kb/
/door.mdl/1.1/Fri Feb 23 06:45:09 2001/-kb/


Model Animation
LM effectdotbmd Render.png LM-EffectBTK.gif

A blue effect with a twirling animation.

/effect.bmd/1.1/Thu Feb  8 01:36:59 2001/-kb/
/effect.btk/1.1/Thu Feb  8 01:36:59 2001/-kb/
(Source: luigim1, Inkstar)

Unused Doors

There are three unused door objects within the game.

Heart Door

Heart Door Heart Door being unlocked
Smells like Satan. That's the key to Luigi's heart!

This door is pink and features heart designs. Early footage of the game showed that this door was originally intended to lead to the Nursery, the room where the first area's boss is found. It has a unique cutscene for being unlocked, showing the heart-studded door instead of the normal door model. The heart door model has an ID of 07. There are four unused models for the cutscenes when trying to open it while it is locked and unlocking it: codemo07.szp, nodemo07.szp, oodemo07.szp, and hodemo07.szp.

Star Door

Star Door Star Door being unlocked
Smells like spoiled brats. Luigi is the star.

A blue door featuring stars. Early footage of the game reveals that this was originally the door that led into the Twins' Room. Like the heart door above, a unique unlocking cutscene is present for this door that uses a highly detailed version of the star door rather than the model for the normal doors. The star door model has an ID of 08. There are four unused models for the cutscenes when trying to open it while it is locked and unlocking it: codemo08.szp, nodemo08.szp, oodemo08.szp, and hodemo08.szp.

Ghost Machine/Gallery Door

Gallery Door Gallery Door being unlocked
In-game model swap. What? This isn't the same door!

The lab door seen in the Portificationizer and Gallery rooms has a dedicated cutscene model. However, it just appears to be a placeholder since lab exploration was removed earlier in the game's development. The metal door has an ID of 05. There are four unused model archives for the cutscenes when trying to open it while it is locked and unlocking it: codemo05.szp, nodemo05.szp, oodemo05.szp, and hodemo05.szp.


'ello there

The model elh is a tall, faceless, twisting creature. According to the entries, it was compiled a month after Luigi's Mansion appeared at E3. It has six animations. It has no textures, nor any UV maps that would support textures, meaning it either relied entirely on shaders, particles, or never reached the texturing phase. Elh has four particle effects dedicated to itself.


  • elh_fire_ai
  • elh_fire_b
  • elh_ice_a
  • elh_ice_b


  • attack - Attack.
  • damage - Damage.
  • idol - Translates to move left.
  • idor - Translates to move right.
  • taiki - Translates to standby.
  • tojo - Translates to appear.
elh.szp/1.10/Tue Jun 19 01:22:48 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever, GlitterBerri (translation))

elh's Element Cores

To do:
Add GIFs/videos of the animations, and possibly create more unified pictures of the models

map5, the shortest of the unused galleries, contains three model folders hidden from the unsuspecting eye in its data archive under Map\map5.szp\j3d_effect, called d49_elhcore, d50_ehlcorew (misspelled) and d51_elhcorei which, considering the names, are likely linked to previously-mentioned elh.

Each folder houses 5 files consisting of the model, called core_ef.bmd, an unknown-purpose BPK sharing the model's name, a BCK animation which consists of the inner sphere pulsating, again with the same name, and two BTK animations (core_ef01.btk and core_ef02.btk) which add a scrolling effect to the outer sphere's texture/a rapid-motion squirming effect to the inner sphere's texture, respectively. The other "core" folders follow the same pattern but with their respective w and i prefixes added to the ef abbreviation.

These prefixes likely refer to water/ice if considering the appearance of each model and elh's apparent association with elements. It's unknown how these would have been used with or applied to its model, but the core designation could suggest their attachment to the otherwise empty center of the creature.

core_ef core_efw core_efi
Elh's fire core
Elh's water core
Elh's ice core

(Source: ZeusKrAZy)

Early Bogmire (shadow)

Early (shadow) Final (bfire)
LMbogmireunused.png LMbogmireused.png

The model shadow is an earlier version of Bogmire. The textures are the same, but the appearance is remarkably different. It has longer wings with skinnier flabs of ectoplasm hanging down, a defined lower lip or chin, and a visibly sorrowful and eerie expression. It also has a typical wavy ghost bottom, whereas the final Bogmire has a blob bottom.

/shadow.szp/1.5/Fri Jul 13 03:00:44 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever)


Unused (bmario) Used (dmario)
LuigisMansion-Mario model.png Luigismansion dmario.png

The file bmario is a second model of Mario, stretched to Luigi's proportions and equipped with back straps for the Poltergust 3000. The geometry of the model is simpler than Mario's final in-game model. The model shares the same early animations that luige uses. It possesses a functional actor; when spawned in-game, it appears under a transparent ghost-like shader and makes use of an oversized hitbox, making direct contact impossible. It's worth noting clones of the equipment actors exist assigned with the same "b" prefix and ghost shader, possibly putting them and bmario under a same category.

While the meaning of the prefix isn't clear, the player-like animation set, shader and other oddities could suggest some sort of scrapped doppelganger -- or otherwise its usage in multiplayer mode. It was recompiled again during major changes to the designs and content in June.

/bmario.szp/1.3/Sat Jun 16 08:23:34 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley)


LM Unused Luige.png

An early version of Luigi's gameplay model. The used Luigi model is contained in game_usa/data/model. Similar to bmario, this model goes unused and includes early gameplay animations + cutscene animations, as well as a slightly different facial structure.

(Source: LMFinish)


The tomato as it was seen in a prerelease version.

tomato has two animations: "wait" which leaves the tomato stationary, and "rot" which rotates it.

Model Animation
LM Tomato Render.png LM-Tomato-Animate.gif

An unused model of a tomato named "tomato.szp". This is the same model the "Chef Ghost" is holding in one of the pre-release screenshots. This tomato likely acted the same as the bowling ball in the final game, being as they both share the same model name, and tomato.szp is replaced by the bowling ball (identically named "tomato.arc") when Game\game.szp is loaded into RAM.

/tomato.szp/1.3/Wed May 23 08:31:30 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley)


Model Animation
LM flag Render.png LM-Flag-Animate.gif

A white flag with no known purpose. Its only animation is of the flag waving around called "wait.key".

/flag.szp/1.1/Tue Jun 19 10:56:31 2001/-kb/
(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever)

Early Poltergust 3000 (vbody)

The early Poltergust 3000 as it was seen in a prerelease version.

LM Unused Model V body.png

The original Poltergust 3000 model as seen in the E3 2001 build.

/vbody.szp/1.9/Sat Jun 16 02:09:35 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley)

Water Nozzle (wpwater)

The early Water Nozzle as it was seen in a prerelease version.
A mock-up recreation of the screenshot above, with the old model reinserted.

LM wpwater Render.png

The Water Nozzle was briefly seen in the E3 2001 presentation. It was used to showcase the fluid simulation for the water element, and was only seen in the presentation. It would have replaced the normal vacuum nozzle when pressing the L trigger.

/wpwater.szp/1.8/Tue Jul 10 04:28:04 2001/-kb/
(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever, Catley)

Air Nozzle (wpair)

LM wpair Render.png

The Air Nozzle would have likely replaced the normal vacuum nozzle when spraying without elements using the L trigger.

/wpair.szp/1.8/Tue Jul 10 04:28:04 2001/-kb/
(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever, Catley)


LM Unused Textures Model Portions Ball.png

normal xrotatio yscale yscarote zscale zscarote
LM-Ball Normal.png
LM-Ball Xrotatio.gif
LM-Ball Yscale.gif
LM-Ball Yscarote.gif
LM-Ball Zscale.gif
LM-Ball Zscarote.gif

Technically, these are seen in the final game being used to launch at the moon; except those ones are a different model called "star.mdl", which are static and yellow. Ball however, had an entirely different purpose; they can be seen in the E3 2001 trailer bouncing around. Ball still has the skewing animations which were used to give the creature a bounce effect, and has a number of colors for diversity.

/ball.szp/1.11/Fri Jun 29 02:07:56 2001/-kb/
(Source: Catley, Ralf@GC-Forever)


LM unusedbeam render.png

Presumably, an early glow effect for the billiard balls in the Billiards Room. What's odd is that it's not in the game's ".pcr" particle format.

/beam.szp/1.1/Mon Mar 26 04:41:23 2001/-kb/
(Source: luigim1)



An early spider web model. It could've been possibly hanging from the ceiling in the Foyer near the Area 2 door, as similar nets could be seen during the chandelier crash scene in the Spaceworld 2000 demo and the first Foyer shot in the 2-minute E3 trailer. However, by the time of the playable E3 demo, it was seemingly removed.

The used spider web models are located in Map\map2\j3d_effect\d44_snet under the ".bmd" format; whereas with this spider web model is located in model\net01.szp under the ".mdl" format, and is never loaded by the game.

/net01.szp/1.2/Thu Apr 26 13:05:27 2001/-kb/
(Source: luigim1)


This archive is an earlier version of "guidemap.szp", which contains the assets needed for the Game Boy Horror's map system. This archive is located in Iwamoto\map2.szp\gidemap.szp, whereas the used version is located inside the ".dol" (executable) file.


Luimans gide lui.png

A very peculiar Luigi model. It holds Luigi's classic color scheme, along with looking like a creepy Matryoshka doll. It is an early version for the model of Luigi's head that appears on the Game Boy Horror's maps.

(Source: Gamma (discovery), Catley & ItsEasyActually (compression tools), Arookas (Demolisher BIN Viewer))


To do:
Add mockups of the actual mansion model, to better visualise the differences
LM Gidemap EarlyMansion.png

An early version of the mansion map on the Game Boy Horror. It seems similar to the original model, however there are various differences which resemble the mansion layout from the E3 2001 demo; plus unseen areas.

Early Final Notes
LM UnusedMap F1.png
The Butler's Room and the Hidden Room were connected by a doorway. E3 doors are present.
LM UnusedMap F2.png
The Foyer's 2nd floor had a door which led to the Area 3 hallway; a similar shortcut also existed in the Wardrobe Room.
LM UnusedMap F3.png
The entire 3rd floor was connected by doorways, likely because the developers were still deciding on how the player would traverse this part of the mansion. A completely removed room can be seen to the balcony's left side; interestingly, this room seems to match with the 2nd floor's balcony.
LM UnusedMap BASEMENT.png
The Breaker Room was originally accessed from the main hallway, and the Secret Altar was smaller.

(Source: luigim1)
g_d1x.bin g_d2x.bin gide_d1.bin gide_d2.bin g_key1.bin
LM Gidemap RedDoor.png
LM Gidemap RedDoorDouble.png
LM Gidemap DoorAccess.png
LM Gidemap DoubleDoorAccess.png
The early model of a locked door; using a red outline instead of the frame with a key hole. Same as g_d1x.bin except it's for the Foyer/Parlor double doors. Oddly enough, it's the same as the final model. Same as gide_d1.bin, but for double doors. The key model.


Located in the ".dol" (executable) file in the USA and Japanese versions, and in Game/sdata_X/guidemap.szp in the European versions are four identical Game Boy Horror maps of the Underground Lab. Each model has a different point of origin, and highlights a unique room to determine which one Luigi is currently in when checking the Game Boy Horror map. Two of these maps are inaccessable as Luigi can only check the Game Boy Horror map while in Training, or the Gallery.


LM-rabo 01.png

This map highlights the entrance to The Lab.


LM-rabo 03.png

This map highlights the Ghost Portrificationizer Room.

Unused Color Variations

Some models in the game were intended to have alternate textures.


Unused (Green) Used (Normal)
Luigimans-greentoad.png Luigimans redtoadcompare.png

There is an unused texture that replaces Toad's red dots and turns them into green dots, and co-exists with a similar green-capped dialogue box icon and spawnable actor named kinopio2.

Action Replay Code (NTSC-U):

0433BA28 00000049
0033BA31 00000002
0433BA38 00000001
(Source: Ralf@GCForever)

Ghost Guys

LM Unused Textures Heypoo Colors.png

While the Ghost Guys appear in a number of colors, none of them are blue or cyan. The textures for these particular colors are the last two in the model's texture list. Unused parameter files for these variations remain named heypo9.prm and heypo10.prm.

(Source: Catley)


LM Rat-Pink.png

Mice can appear in different colors like blue, purple, and gold. However, there's also an unused pink-colored mouse labelled "rat_3", coupled with an unused pink mouse actor called "rat2". It can still be generated like other mice types.

Unused Portrificationizer Ghost models

While portrait ghosts go through the Portrificationizer, they appear as blue spirits before getting stamped into portraits (excluding Mario, and Bowser and King Boo). However, each portrait ghost has its own unique model/graphic for going through the machine (except Neville who uses the blue spirit). Some of these graphics depict earlier designs for the portrait ghosts; in particular, Van Gore and the twins originally had friendlier facial expressions.

(Source: Sunn)

Unused Furniture


Unused Used
LM-Desk35Unused.png LM-Desk35Used.png
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_12\desk35_2.bin (Billiards Room).

An almost identical version of the desk seen in the Parlor; the only difference being the back left leg (front right in the render) using a higher quality texture than all the other legs.

(Source: sunn)

Gold Table

Doesn't look very golden to me...

  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_04\otuku.bin (Mirror Room).

The Mirror Room has a lack of furniture minus the drawer at the right end of the room. While there is no indication where it would have been located in the room, it may have been in the middle or a corner of the room.

(Source: Catley)

Observatory Chair

Unused Used
LM-RedObserverChair.png LM-BlueObserverChair.png
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_04\oisu.bin (Mirror Room).

A red padded variant of the Observatory chair.

(Source: sunn)

Billiards Room Loveseat


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_12\isu12_1.bin (Billiards Room).

It seems that the Billiards Room was going to be a bit more expansive and have more furniture. It fits in well with the stool seen at one of the corner tables.

(Source: Catley)

Open Toilet


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_42\bank42.bin (2F Washroom).

While yes, there is a toilet in the washroom; that toilet is initially closed until Luigi interacts with it. This toilet is always open, and could be seen in E3 2001 gameplay.

(Source: sunn)



  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_13\chiku.bin (Projection Room).

Not a whole lot can be said for this particular model. It might have worked in conjunction with the projector or as a second sort of activation method to make the ghosts appear.

(Source: Catley)

Unused Bathroom Drawer


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_20\tana.bin (1F Bathroom).

This drawer might've been cut due to the space it occupied. It has an animation for opening and will work as such with the correct furniture move type.

(Source: LMFinish)

Original Vase

Now with 100% more prototype!

  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_29\tubo30_1.bin (2F Hallway).

Seen in multiple areas in E3 footage; this vase can still be seen in the Kitchen on the shelf, in the fridge, and on the shelf in the Butler's Room. Interestingly, the model was later repurposed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Luigi's Mansion stage, alongside the regular vase.

(Source: Catley)

Gold Vase


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_36\tubo36.bin (Sealed Room).

Likely meant to hold treasure, like the trophies do.

(Source: sunn)

Brown Vase

Unused Used
LM-JarUnused.png LM-JarUsed.png
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_55\otubo9.bin (Ceramics Studio).

A slightly larger version of the brown vase in the room.

(Source: sunn)

Chairs with Vases

oisu1 oisu2 oisu3
LM-oisu1.png LM-oisu2.png LM-oisu3.png
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_55 (Ceramics Studio).

Three different models of chairs with vases go unused.

(Source: sunn)



  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_59\o_two5.bin (Balcony).

An unused pair of plants sitting horizontally next to each other meant for the Balcony. There are a similar pair of plants sitting vertically from each other on the left side of the Balcony.

(Source: sunn)

Study Ladder


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_34\hasi34_1.bin (Study Room).

A ladder which would have been very fitting for the theme of the room. Quite a shame it goes unused.

(Source: Catley)

Study Panels

pic34_1 pic34_2
LuigiMansion-UnusedStudyPanels1.png LuigiMansion-UnusedStudyPanel2.png
(Source: LMFinish)
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_34\pic34_1.bin and pic34_2.bin (Study Room).

According to footage, it seems like these were included late in development when the Game Boy Horror worked as a first person camera, and got cut from the game shortly after around the time the money counter was implemented, nearing release. Considering their simple design, they were most likely scrapped in favor of the more artistic portraits.

Flower Painting


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_10\gakub12.bin (Ball Room).

While this painting does exist in the Ball Room; that one is map geometry, not interactable by Luigi apart from scanning.

(Source: sunn)

Earlier Medicine Cabinet


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_42\tana42.bin (2F Washroom).

While this particular version of the Washroom does not have a medicine cabinet that can be opened unlike Area 2, it does have a similar medicine cabinet which is a much simpler model with no animation for it to open.

(Source: Catley)

Mansion Painting

Unused Used
LM-MansionPaintingUnused.png LM-MansionPaintingUsed.png
  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_42\pic42.bin (2F Washroom).

A smaller, straightened mansion picture. Similar to the Flower Painting; small mansion paintings exist in the Washrooms, but those are map geometry, not interactable by Luigi apart from scanning.



  • Found in 'Iwamoto\map2\room_50\trick.bin (Telephone Room).

A set of trapdoors that open when interacted with.

(Source: sunn)

Wooden Board


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_66\a_boar_1.bin (Pipe Room).

There is a wooden board used to cross the water in the Pipe Room, however that board is map geometry, not interactable by Luigi.

(Source: sunn)



  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_66\a_wate_1.bin (Pipe Room).

The used river is a ".bmd" model, while this unused river is a ".bin" model.

Ice Lantern


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_61\a_ligh_2.bin (Cold Storage).

An unused Ice Lantern leftover in Cold Storage. It was likely meant to hang from the ice stalactite in the center of the room.

(Source: sunn)

Chauncey's Mobile


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_24\bat.bin (Nursery).

While it was never seen in E3 2001 gameplay or any trailers, it is possible this was an earlier addition judging by the style of the mobile. It would most likely function the same as the mobile in the Twins' room.

(Source: Catley)

Teddy Bear


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_24\kuma24.bin (Nursery).

While Teddy Bears are used in the game, they are actors that attack Luigi, not furniture.

(Source: sunn)

Toy Tractor


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_25\tak25.bin (The Twins' Room).

While a few toy vehicles are displayed on the Twins' shelf, a toy tractor is not.

(Source: sunn)

Duplicate Data

Table Lamp


  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_28\lamp1.bin (Guest Room).

The guest room does have a small table, but a clown doll sits on top of it.

(Source: Catley)

Framed Picture

LM-Framed Picture.png

  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_03\pic10.bin (Fortune Teller's Room), and Iwamoto\map2\room_17\pic10.bin (1F Washroom).

Framed pictures are leftover in both the Fortune-teller's Room and the 1F Washroom.

(Source: Catley)



  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_65\break.bin (1F Stairwell).

A duplicate of the breaker box is leftover in the Basement stairwell.

(Source: Catley)



  • Found in Iwamoto\map2\room_30\chest.bin (Foyer Hallway).

A duplicate of the drawer seen in the Foyer is leftover just above- in the Parlor hallway.

(Source: LMFinish)

Unseen Models


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

That's freezin' cool!

A primitive icicle that's loaded with the Cold Storage room. While icicles are present in the room, those icicles use the model Map\map2\j3d_effect\k09-tsurara_s. While this model is technically loaded, its purpose is currently unknown.

(Source: GlitterBerri (translation))