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Mad Dog McCree (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Mad Dog McCree

Developer: American Laser Games
Publishers: American Laser Games (US), Atari Games (EU), Capcom (JP)
Platform: Arcade (Amiga Hardware (ALG))
Released internationally: 1990

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Mad Dog McCree is the laserdisc light gun game that spawned a cottage industry in the mid 90's while still being marketed to this day in one form or another.

Revisional Differences

With all the game video being streamed off a LaserDisc (with limited Amiga overlays), the potential for differences between code releases is minimal. However, at some point during the game's arcade sales, significant changes were made to the attract mode to correct some glaring errors. In summary, the correct spelling of 'you're' on the initial screen, and a change of the instruction to players. As the gun holster had no switch in production games, with reloading actually triggered by a mercury switch in the gun housing, the information was revised. In addition, as an orange 'toy' gun housing had been made for some markets squeamish over a realistic six-shooter, the background images were updated to include this.

Original Attract Mode Revised Attract Mode