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Mafalda Jugando con Números y Palabras

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Title Screen

Mafalda Jugando con Números y Palabras

Developers: PC3 Programs, Chicos.net
Publisher: PC3 Programs
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Mafalda Jugando con Números y Palabras (Mafalda Playing with Numbers and Words) is an Argentine edutainment game featuring characters from the Mafalda comic strip. You play as the titular character, Mafalda, who has to point at several signs in order to unlock her birthday party (Maths) or a trip to the beach (Language). There's also a few minigames in-between, including one that is basically a point haven.

Unused Graphics


An early design for the basket used in the grocery-collection minigame can be found at Imagenes\Juntar.

Early Final
MJNP EarlyBasket.png MJNP FinalBasket.png


MJNP Font 1.png

A font sheet that doesn't seem to fit anywhere. The game relies on using pre-made images and Comic Sans for text.

Development Text

Main Exectuable

There are a few adresses from one of the developer's computers at different offsets. All of them refer to components of the Microsoft Visual Studio, on which the game probably was developed.

Offset String
3622 E:\Proyectos\PC3\MafJuego\Proyecto\Caja\MafJuego.vbp
5B4C C:\Archivos varios\Lenguajes\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\VB6.OLB
6A28 F:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Msvbvm60.dll

Paint Shop Pro Browser

The most interesting leftover in this game has to be pspbrwse.jbf, a browser file from the Paint Shop Pro software that stores thumbnail data. Viewing it into a text editor not only reveals another development folder, but also the fact that PC3 Programs used tampered software for making this game.

JASC BROWS FILE....Ý...E:\Works\Mafalda2\MafJuego\Imagenes\Juego.f 221) . .ments. it for 30 days.
If after your 30 day evaluation.period you would like to continue to use Paint Shop Pro you.must purchase the licensed version..
You are on day 278 of your 30 day evaluation period.