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Malice (Xbox)

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Title Screen


Developer: Argonaut Games
Publishers: Mud Duck Productions (US), Evolved Games (EU)
Platform: Xbox
Released in US: June 2, 2004
Released in EU: August 6, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Graphics

E3 2002 Leftovers

Some level packages contain leftover graphics from when the game was shown off at E3 2002.

Spell Page Placeholder

Beachofsouls_0a.pkg has a placeholder of what appears to be the spell page that Malice collects in the JuJu Cave.

MaliceXbox SpellPlaceholder.png

Angelina Jolie

Hidden inside of pistonhell_4e.pkg is an image of Angelina Jolie from a 1999 photoshoot.

MaliceXbox AngelinaJolie.png

Unused Text

Debug Level Select

At 0x19F518 in default.xbe is some leftover text from a debug level select.

files   directory    (REC)  %s.log      Timestamp %02d:%02d %02d:%02d:%03d vers %04d size %.4fmb / %.1fmb

No Name Found

At 0x19F760 in the Xbox executable is text that would have been displayed when a level is launched through the debug level select.

no name found#nis this a play-through save game?

Debug Menu

Beginning at 0x1ABE6C and throughout the Xbox executable is leftover text from a debug menu.

Safe Frames OFF
Safe Frames ON 
Location Report OFF
Location Report ON 
Memory Report OFF
Memory Report ON
Invulnerability OFF
Invulnerability ON
Waypoint view OFF
Waypoint view ON
Debug lines OFF
Debug lines ON 
Debug prints OFF
Debug prints ON
Persistent variable list is empty
Location report OFF
Location report ON
Memory report OFF
Memory report ON
PVar list