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Maxi 15

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Title Screen

Maxi 15

Also known as: Maxivision (US), Maxi-15 Pack (AU)
Developers: Various
Publishers: American Video Entertainment (US), HES (AU)
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released in US: 1992
Released in AU: 1992

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

30 15 unlicensed games for the low, low price of only three installments of $49.95!

"It's Incredible Dudes!" - Hulk Hogan

Regional/Revisional Differences

Two versions of the Maxi 15 were released in both the US and Australia.

Maxi15v1Title.png Maxi15v2Title.png

The second revision changes the title screen entirely. REV0's title screen is a digitized version of a shot used on the infomercial, while REV1's is based on the artwork used on the cartridge.

US REV0 US REV1 Australia REV1
Maxi15v1Number.png Maxi15v2Number.png Maxi15v2NumberHES.png

Any instances of the name "Maxivision" in REV0 were replaced with "Maxi 15" in REV1. The font was also changed in REV1, and adds a drop shadow. The phone number was changed for the Australian release, but only in REV1. Strangely, all of the text on this version was moved 8 pixels to the right.

Also odd is that the phone number on the American versions is different to the one shown on the infomercial. All versions refer to this cartridge as being volume 1 of a series, though no further volumes were ever made.


This screen was removed from REV1.

Maxi15v1Menu.png Maxi15v2Menu.png

The menu was changed somewhat between versions. Notably, REV0 has no visible border on the right. This is a remnant of an early version featured on the infomercial, where it originally contained 30 games. The font used for the game list and descriptions also has a drop shadow added to it, as well as a highlight on the top left corner of each character. Oddly, the menu scrolls 24 pixels further to the right on REV0.

Both of the Sachen developed games featured on REV0 (Pyramid and Double Strike) were swapped out (for Blackjack and Death Race) on REV1, as AVE didn't actually have the right to distribute Sachen's games on multicarts.