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MegaRace 3

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MegaRace 3

Developer: Cryo Interactive
Publishers: Cryo Interactive (PS2), DreamCatcher Interactive (Windows US)
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2
Released in US: November 14, 2001 (Win)
Released in UK: March 29, 2002 (PS2)
Released in FR: December 2001 (PS2)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.

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MegaRace 3 is the third installment of the MegaRace series. Different from the previous two versions, this version featured real 3D environments (as opposed to FMVs) and instead of cars, players would pilot ships in tracks which are supposedly in a microscopic/nanoscopic scale.

This title was obscured by the second release and the lack of coverage around it.

Unused Level

"Net Evil Mind" was going to be placed as the seventh level in Catastrophe mode. To access it, a memory edit is required, but besides that, most of its content is there and working to some extent.

From playing through the level, it appears it was cut mid to late development, since it has strings for everything the level would require, an intro video and most of the level geometry done, along with spawn points for the player vehicle. Possible reasons for the cut might be time constraints, or overall similarity with the last level in the game "Nanodream".

The level would make the player pilot the Royal ship avoiding obstacles and having to reach a creature ressembling a baby / fetus in a cyberspace and neural-looking place. The player would likely be facing obstacles and would have a time limit to finish the race. Obstacles would likely be electric impulses, barriers and a moving hexcomb grid section by the end.

The strings from the level, according to extracted data are:

  • Mission Description in Catastrophe Menu: Save the network's consciousness by protecting the antidote we are sending !!! Understood, big guy?
  • Mission Victory Text in Stats Screen: What can I say? You're nearly as good as me... Just Kidding !
  • Mission Failure Text in Stats Screen: Medicine doesn't seem to be your "thing" big guy !

Unused Vehicle

The ship in the "Arcade" vehicle selection menu, along with its stats.

The vehicle named "NanoTriton" was supposed to be unlocked along with MantaRay at the end of Career mode, but due to a code mistake, it only unlocks the latter, making it so the only way of unlocking it is via save editing.

The ship has pretty great stats and is one of the most agile in the game. It is also the same ship featured in the game's CD cover and art.