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Metal Fighter (NES)

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Title Screen

Metal Fighter

Also known as: Weilai Xiaozi (AS), Joyvan Kid (AS, label title)
Developer: Sachen
Publishers: Color Dreams (US), Sachen (AS/WW), Kinema Music (JP)
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released in JP: August 30, 1991
Released in US: 1989
Released in AS: 1989

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Metal Fighter is an okay side-scrolling shooter made by Sachen.

To do:
Some versions have generic Sachen copy protection.

Version Differences

The game was released as four different "versions", with the only real big difference being the title screen.

  • "Joy Van" copyright, "Weilai Xiaozi" (未來小子) Chinese title.
  • "Joy Van" and "Kinema Music" copyrights.
  • "Joy Van" copyright, title in English.
  • "Joy Van" and "Color Dreams, Inc." copyrights.

Level Select

In the third and fourth revisions listed above, at the title screen press Select the same number of times as the level you want to start on (for example, five times to start at Level 5), then press Start before the demonstration begins.