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Mighty Mighty Missile!

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Title Screen

Mighty Mighty Missile!

Developer: FVRING
Publisher: Good Deal Games
Platform: Unlicensed Sega CD
Released in US: 2005

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Mighty Mighty Missile! is just another commercially-released Sega CD port of a Genesis homebrew demake of a Game Boy Advance remake of a Dreamcast original: ChuChu Rocket!

Yeah, one of those.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info


In the root of the disc is a standard ZIP archive (deflate compression) with a variety of files, presumably left on the disc intentionally to reward the curious. Among these are the full CD soundtrack encoded as 96kbit/s CBR MP3; these same files were included with the 2004 Classic Gaming Expo demo in lieu of true CD audio.

Sega Genesis Binaries

Download.png Download Mighty Mighty Missile! (Genesis demo and Sega CD Gamelist ROMs)
File: MightyMightyMissile-SegaCD-GenesisBinaries.7z (69 MB) (info)

The final Mighty Mighty Missile! disc actually includes two standard Genesis ROMs:

  • MMM.bin is a standalone Genesis version of the 2004 Classic Gaming Expo demo which was also sold (in CD format) by Older Games, against the wishes of the developer.
  • scd_usa_gamelist.bin is a simple, scrollable list of all USA Sega CD titles.
MMM.bin scd_usa_gamelist.bin
MightyMightyMissile-SegaCD-GenesisDemo.png MightyMightyMissile-SegaCD-SegaCDGamelist.png

"Making Of" Images

A series of GIF images, makingof1.gif through makingof6.gif, show a variety of work-in-progress graphics.

makingof4.gif makingof5.gif
MightyMightyMissile-SegaCD-makingof4.png MightyMightyMissile-SegaCD-makingof5.png



It's Fonzie.
I just wanted to appologize because of MMMissile VERY late release, about 1year and a half... Sometimes all do not work perfectly and sometimes it takes ages to make it working.
All should be okay now, i fixed and added several things.

Enjoy... Sega rocks... Genny for ever :')  !

Fonzie Voltonov, the 4/10/2005

Development-Related Text


General notes:
-V06, said FINAL
-REV 1
-FVRING 2004 - http://www.fvring.com
-Evermind development 2005 http://www.genny4ever.net
Technical notes:
-10 levels in OG
-95 levels in PG
-03 levels in CS
-01 level in SN
-IA dynamic cheat
-Loader V1.0
-Sound system V1.6
-Compatible with EA4WAYPLAY and Sega adaptator model2.

There is an unknown bug that cause, in some cases, the cd playing not working...
If you boot a game from panel menu and if you get no BGM, please boot from title screen.
If you boot from from title screen and get no BGM, please boot from panel menu.

There is another bug that could cause controllers detection to fail :/
If you encounter problems with controllers, please use 3buttons controllers instead of 6buttons controllers.
Thank you.

We are not responsible for any loss, injury, damage, inconvenience resulting from your voluntary
application or use of any information presented on this DISC.



We are not responsible for any loss, injury, damage, inconvenience resulting from your voluntary
application or use of any information presented on this DISC.