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Monster Jam: Urban Assault (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

Monster Jam: Urban Assault

Developer: Torus Games
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Released in US: October 28, 2008

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Monster Jam: Urban Assault is a mediocre monster truck game with racing, freestyle events, and other random game modes. That's about it.

To do:
  • Try to find out if the debug mode still works / find out how to activate it.
    • There are a lot (100+) of debugging strings, consider making a sub-page on them?

Unused Trucks

All of the unused trucks below can be found in the game that came before this (simply called Monster Jam).

Grave Digger Chrome

There is a model file and texture named truckgravediggerchrome that aren't present in gameplay. Currently it is unknown if there is a way to access the truck in-game without hacks, but the model and texture can be applied to a different truck to simulate what it could look like. There is no announcer audio file mentioning this truck, so it was likely cut pretty early in development.

Mjam urbanassault chromegd 1.png Mjam urbanassault chromegd 2.png Mjam urbanassault chromegd 3.png Mjam urbanassault chromegd 4.png


A model and texture file named truckbrutus is present in the game, but Brutus is never present in gameplay or in the list of available trucks. It's unknown as of now if the truck can be accessed in-game, but the model and texture can be applied to a different truck to make a mockup of what it could look like in-game. There is no announcer audio file mentioning Brutus, meaning it didn't make it far in development.

Mjam urbanassault brutus 1.png Mjam urbanassault brutus 2.png Mjam urbanassault brutus 3.png Mjam urbanassault brutus 4.png


A model, texture, and truck selection image exist for Predator, but the truck is not one of the unlockable trucks in-game. Like the other two, the texture and model can be applied to a different truck to view the truck in-game. Like Brutus and Grave Digger Chrome, there is no announcer audio file for this truck.

Mjam urbanassault Predator 1.png Mjam urbanassault Predator 2.png Mjam urbanassault Predator 3.png Mjam urbanassault Predator 4.png Mjam urbanassault Predator selectscreen.png

Unused Audio

Unknown SFX 1

The purpose for these sound effects is unknown as of now.

Announcer Clips

For reasons unknown, a lot of announcer clips used in other versions of the game (PS2/Wii) weren't used in the DS version. There is also an announcer for Spanish and one for German as well, although there is no option to change the game language.

To do:
There are 490+ of these announcer voice files inside the ROM. Go look through all of them if you're dedicated.
Dialog Clip Notes
Leaving a ton of points on the board with that jump.
Used in other versions of the game when a jump isn't very good.
You can do better than that!
Unknown where this would be used.
This is it! The final head-to-head battle for the Monster Jam World Finals racing championship!
This was probably supposed to play on the last head-to-head race on the "Speedster" section of the championship.
The Monster Jam World Finals racing title is on the line! Let's go racing!
This was likely intended to play on the last Speedster championship event.

Debug Elements


There is a subdirectory named debug inside the models directory containing 2 files, dbgcube.ndm and dbgsphere.ndm. These were most likely used to test 3d model functionality.

Debugging Strings

Starting at 0x000B4280 in the ROM, there are text strings that likely display on-screen when a debugging mode is activated. It's not yet known how to activate the debug mode nor if it has been left intact.


Some interesting cheats could come out of these...

Material Attributes

matattr.txt lets you edit material attributes. A similar text file with the same name is also present in Shrek: Smash n' Crash Racing, another Torus game.

// Note:
//	* Friction affects sideways drift of vehicle plus acceleration & braking - default 1.0
//	* Restitution describes how "bouncy" a surface is - default 0.5
//	* Resistance slows down the vehicle when on this surface (eg. increase for deep mud to slow vehicle) - default 0.0
//File format:
//MaterialId	Name					Friction	Wheel Friction	Restitution	Bumpyness	Damping
0				"DEFAULT"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
1				"INVISIBLEWALL"			0.0			0.0				0.005			
2				"GRATING"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
3				"FLESH"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
4				"PAPER"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
5				"CARDBOARD"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
6				"CERAMIC"				1.0			1.2				0.005			
7				"WOOD"					1.0			1.2				0.005			
8				"GRASS"					0.8			0.8				0.005			
9				"LILYPAD"				0.8			0.8				0.005			
10				"PLASTER"				1.0			1.2				0.005			
11				"CONCRETE"				1.0			1.2				0.005			
12				"BRICK"					1.0			1.2				0.005			
13				"STONE"					2.0			1.2				0.005			
14				"THIN_METAL"			1.0			1.0				0.005			
15				"THICK_METAL"			1.0			1.0				0.005			
16				"SAND"					0.8			0.8				0.005			
17				"DIRT"					0.9			0.9				0.005			
18				"GRAVEL"				0.9			0.9				0.005			
19				"CLOTH"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
20				"CARPET"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
21				"PLASTIC"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
22				"GLASS"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
23				"SNOW"					0.8			0.8				0.005			
24				"ICE"					0.5			0.5				0.005			
25				"SLIME"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
26				"WATER"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
27				"WATERPIPE"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
28				"STEAMPIPE"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
29				"RAZORWIRE"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
30				"NOTHING"				1.0			1.0				0.005			
31				"SOUNDOCCLUDER"			1.0			1.0				0.005			
32				"PERCEPTIONOCCLUDER"	1.0			1.0				0.005			
33				"MOVEABLEMETAL"			1.0			1.2				0.005			
34				"ICEROAD"				0.6			0.6				0.005			
35				"MUD"					0.8			0.8				0.003			
36				"BOOST"					1.0			1.0				0.005			
37				"HAIRPIN"				0.8			0.8				0.003			
38				"LAVA"					0.8			0.8				0.005