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Mother 3/Unused Enemy Battles

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This is a sub-page of Mother 3.

Mother3 battle debug.png

Notably, using Boney's smell ability on unused enemies will sometimes display the string "Debug Text".

To do:
There's a lot more of these. Some examples can be seen here.


Yes, the black square is its battle sprite.

When using the walk-through-walls cheat in the Prologue, the player can battle the green Dragos by walking into them! The Drago in battle does not attack and only confides "its worries to you", which makes you cry. When defeated, it leaves behind a Chimera Lab Map. The map will be in your inventory instead of the key items where maps usually go. It can't be discarded, though, so be careful.

Am I the only one who thinks about Metroid when they see the picture?

The Drago has a good amount of health, making it an extremely-long battle so early in the game. Due to it dropping a Chimera Lab Map, there is very strong evidence tying this battle to the frozen Drago in the Chimera Lab in Chapter 7.

Tiny Forest

Mother3 tinyforst unused.png

By far the most complete of all the unused enemies. The Tiny Forest seems to have been cut rather late into development as it is fully functional and has balanced stats. Thanks to some unused Battle Memory text, we know that this was originally meant to be a miniboss that would have likely been encountered at the end of the Mole Cricket Hole before exiting to Snowcap Mountain. Access it with 020047EC:BA.


Mother3 broom encounter.pngMother3 broom enemy.png

Similarly to the green Dragos, you can fight the Brooms in Oshoe Castle using the walk-through-walls cheat. The Broom does not have any battle behavior, though.

Rope Ladder

Mother3 rope ladder unused.png

Does not attack. Access it with 020047EC:DC.


Smells like an animal to Boney. Access it with 020047EC:C0.


Access it with 020047EC:C1.

Fierce Pork Trooper

Access it with 020047EC:C2.


Access it with 020047EC:C3.

Electric Catfish

Access it with 020047EC:C4.

Shimmy Zmizz

Access it with 020047EC:C5.


Access it with 020047EC:C6.


Duster vs. Duster?

Does not attack. Access it with 020047EC:C7.


Mash your keyboard!

Does not attack. Access it with 020047EC:C8.


Not OJ Simpson.

OJ is one of the DCMC band members. This sprite is also the same as Keyboard's and Duster's but due to the background they can't be seen. This enemy also doesn't attack. Access it with 020047EC:C9.


Admire the detailed sprite work.

Access it with 020047EC:CA.

Dung Beetle

Mother3 Dung Beetle battle unused.png

Uses an unused background. Access it with 020047EC:CB.

Tent Person

Mother3 Tent Person battle unused.png

Access it with 020047EC:CC.

Snow Bunny

Mother3 Snow Bunny battle unused.png

Access it with 020047EC:CD.


Mother3 Clayman battle unused.png

Access it with 020047EC:CE.


Mother3 sign unused.png

Does not attack. Access it with 020047EC:F2.


Mother3 train unused.png

Access it with 020047EC:F0.


Mother3 Vapor battle unused.png

When battling the Vapor, it will make you feel strange. Access it with 020047EC:CF.

Rope Snake

Mother3 Rope Snake unused.png

Access it with 020047EC:D0.

Rope Snake

The return of the Rope Snake

Access it with 020047EC:D1.

Rockin' Ghost

Access it with 020047EC:FA.