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Mother 3/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Mother 3.

To do:
Add more unused texts. The Japanese unused lines are compiled here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190331085844/http://book.geocities.jp/onnelist/botu.html , and the English text dump is stored here: http://earthboundcentral.com/m3script/

Unused Text Blocks

  • Block 0: The very first text in Block 0. Yup, it's all question marks.
  • Block 0: This text comes right after.

  • Block 0: Maybe there's something to be found here?
  • Block 0: Most of these were likely intended to appear when you opened an empty present.
•You should be able to dash onto this. 
•Inside was a whale.
  ...or not.
•Inside was a smokin' hot chick.
 ...or not.
•Inside was a ninja outfit.
  ...or not.
•Inside were morning glory seeds.
  ...or not.	
•Inside, there was a bread roll!
But it bread-rolled away... 
•You found a book titled "Insignificance".	
•Nothing of significance was written inside it. 
•[42 FF 00 00] pocketed the Chimera Tickets.

The [42 FF 00 00] is the main character's name that is currently being controlled.

  • Block 70: Text stored under Chapter 6 (which doesn't normally have any text):
Japanese Version English Fan-translation script
•I'm a debug save frog.
 Yes No

•Ribbit ribbit.
•You're so heartless.
  • Block 223:
•A Pigmask car!
•There seems to be a Pigmask in it! 

•A Pigmask vehicle!
•There seems to be a Pigmask in it! 
  • Block 251: This text is associated with the Sunshine Forest hot spring.
•It's [FF80 FFF0] DP for one person.
•You better pay up.

•Great. Thanks.
•Go and warm yourself up somethin' fierce!


•It's [FF80 FFF1] DP for one person!
•You gotta pay when there's a fee, you know.

•It's [FF80 FFF1] DP for two people!
•You gotta pay when there's a fee, you know.

•It's [FF80 FFF1] DP for [FF80 FFF0] people!
•You gotta pay when there's a fee, you know.

•Pay the fee?
 Yes No

•Man, you're a cheapskate.
•You're never gonna make it in these times.

•What the...?
•You don't have any money!

adding in sales tax, that comes to [FF80 FFF2] DP.
•What the...?
•You don't have enough to cover the sales tax.
•There's so many people like that lately.
  • Block 340: A conversation with an alternate seventh Magypsy, named Locria, which is mentioned in the final version but never met (it's implied Locria is really Fassad, instead). Regardless, he has left-over sprites. Kumatora is also mentioned to be "Ionia's apprentice", which may be stretching it a bit compared to the final's dialogue where the only mention of this is where Ionia says he's watched over Kumatora since she was an infant.
•Oh, welcome.
•Who might you be? 			
•Are you the Magypsy who lives on this island? 	
•That's right.
•I'm Locria, the Magypsy of New Pork Island.
•And you are? 	
•I'm [KUMATORA 23 04 00], Ionia's apprentice,
  and daughter of King Osohe. 	
•So you're the ones going around pulling all the
  Needles, then? 	
•And the Needle you're guarding here is the last
  one left. 	
•Oh, my! Whatever is going to happen?!
•I can't wait to see!! 	
•The Dark Dragon's gonna be revived once the
  Needle here gets pulled, you know!
•Do you even understand?! 	
•Oh, but, that's okay.
•What happens to the world is none of my
•Fine! Then go ahead and ignore everything
  without a care in the world!
•Just don't blame me if something irreversibly
  bad happens! 	
•He's not a bad person.
  Forgive him. 	
•I'm not offended at all.
•But anyways, good luck.
  I'm behind you 100%. 	
•Take a quick nap?
Yes     No 	
•It's not good to push yourself too hard, you
•Good luck, okay?
•I'm behind you 100%.  
  • Block 370: Unused text for the Chimera Lab. The context of the word "Giygas-y" is explained here.
•Up ahead is a monster that could even make
  quick work of a skilled security guard like me.
•In one sense, I guess you could say he's...
•He's dangerous, so you can't go inside.
  • Block 380: A self-referential joke meant to appear at the area with lots of holes at Unknown Valley in chapter 5.
•Whole Lotta Holes
•Expected Completion Date:
  Spring 2006
  • Block 444: This text comes right before the text for Lucas getting struck by an electrical discharge and learning PK Flash at Thunder Tower. It's possible that PK Flash was meant to be an optional ability.
•...You hear an odd sound.
•Touch the machine?
 Yes No
  • Block 709: Probably meant to be shown if you try to answer "No" when the game asks you to pull the final needle. In the final game, Lucas pulls it regardless without saying anything.
•No one can stop [LUCAS 23 02 00] from pulling
 the Needle.
 No one. 
  • Block 807: Unused conversation between Lucas, Kumatora and Duster, probably at the beginning of the final dungeon.
Japanese Version Fan-translated English Script
◆ヒナワは きっと
 おれたちを みまもってくれている。
◆おそれることは なにもないさ。
◆いまごろ どこでなにを
◆アイツは ぜったいにいきている。
◆それだけは ずっとしんじてる。
◆アイツの てがかりがみつかるまで
 50ねんでも 100ねんでも
◆やるときめたら まようことはない。
◆おれは いつでも おまえを
◆オレたちの きおくが あのジジイの いうとおり
 つくられた ものだとしたら・・・。
◆オレは いったいだれなんだ?
◆オレは ほんとうに オソヘの ヒメだったのか?
◆いや やめよう。
◆いまは ハリのことだけ かんがえよう。
◆リュカの かあさんは どんな ひとだった?
◆オレには かあさんの きおくなんて ないからな。
◆かあさんが いるのって どんなかんじ なんだろうとおもって
 ちょっと きいてみただけだ。
◆イオニアのやつ いまごろ なにやってるんだろう・・・。
◆オレたちの きおくが つくられただけの ものだとしても
 いま ここにいる げんじつは つくられたものじゃない。
◆いこうぜ リュカ
◆さいごのハリを ぬきに!
◆おれたち 3にんとも
 ははおやが いないんだっけ。
◆なんだか すごいぐうぜんだな。
◆オレの かあちゃんは もう ずいぶんまえに しんだよ。
◆それからは おやじが ひとりで そだててくれた。
◆メシつくってくれたり さかなつり おしえてくれたり
◆きびしかったけど いいおやじだった。
◆こどものころからの きおくが ニセモノだったとしても
 ウエスは おそらく ほんとうの オレのおやじ だろう。
◆それだけは まちがいない きがする。
◆このさきには いったい なにがあるんだろうな・・・。
•I'm certain that [HINAWA 22 08 00] is watching
  over us.
•There's nothing to be afraid of. 	
•[CLAUS 22 05 00]...
•I wonder where he is now, and what he's
•He's alive. I know it.
•I've always had complete faith in that.
•Until I find any clues leading to him, I'll keep on
  searching, even if it takes 50 or 100 years. 	
•[LUCAS 23 02 00].
•Once you've made up your mind, there's no
  need to hesitate.
•I'm always behind you all the way. 	
•Good luck. 	
•If that old fogey's right and our memories
  were all made up...
•Then who exactly am I?
•Was I really princess of Osohe Castle?
•No, never mind.
•Right now we gotta focus on the Needle. 	
•What was your mom like, [LUCAS 23 02 00]?
•Was she nice?
•No, uhh, it's just that I have no memory of my
•I only asked 'cause I wondered what it's like to
  have one. 	
•Family, huh...
•I wonder what ol' Ionia's up to... 	
•Even if our memories are just fabrications, the
  fact we're here now is real.
•Let's go, [LUCAS 23 02 00]!
•Let's go and pull that final Needle! 	
•Come to think of it...
•All three of us are mother-less.
•Talk about a big coincidence. 	
•My mom died a long time ago.
•My dad raised me by himself.
•He'd make food and teach me how to fish and
•He was a strict, but nice dad. 	
•Even if my memories since childhood are fake,
  Wess probably really is my real dad.
•I get the feeling that there's definitely no
  mistake about that. 	 		
•What do you suppose could be waiting up

Some unused script revealed you originally had a longer path to take in order to infiltrate the Chimera Lab. It is possible that you either had to take tickets from the passed out pigmask or buy tickets at the front desk to get into the labs movie theater.

  • Block 400: The Highway
•Ticket-like objects have fallen out of his
  • Block 344: The Labs Main Entrance

It should be important to note that the receptionist is clearly a robot in the final game. Giggling much like the waitresses of Club Titiboo, the giggles in the text implies she is human.

•Now Showing: "Chimera Report"
  Sponsored by P-Corp.

•Oh, hold on there.
•Little boy. 

•You need to pay to see that film, so please
  purchase your tickets here. 

•Chimera Report tickets are available here.
•It's 10 DP per ticket.

Yes     No

•Thank you!
•Please go through the hallway to the right of
  the entrance.

•Oh, I see.
•Well, please come again.

•Oh, my.
•You don't have enough money. 

•Thank you for coming!
•Please visit again sometime!
  • Block 345: The Labs Theater
•Check out what's playing in the theater?

Yes     No

•Oh, my! Are you here to see the film?
•Just a moment, then. It'll begin shortly. 

•Oh, my!
•...The video equipment seems to be broken. 

•I'm very sorry.
•The rest of today's showings are cancelled. 

•Thank you.
  Please visit again. 

Some unused text for the Empire Porky Building.

  • Block 690: [ALTERNATEFONT] means the Mr. Saturn font.
[ALTERNATEFONT]•i come to floor 50.
•[ALTERNATEFONT]not 1, not 100.
  i like 50. 
  • Block 694:
•I made it to the 30th floor today! Yes!
  ...Though I made it to the 30th floor
  yesterday, too. 

...My legs are killing me... 
  • Block 696:
•*gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
  I've climbed for so long, but I'm still only at the
  20th floor... 
•W-with our i-intellect...
 ...reaching th-the 100th floor...
 ...was supposed to be so easy... 
  • Block 885:
•Oooooh myyyyy goddd!
•Dddoooon't be wwwaaanndderrring around in
  this darkness!
•Wwwwhat Iiif I rrrran inttoooo someone and
  disssslocattted a shoulder?! 

This was almost definitely meant for the DCMC concert floor, after Porky cuts the power.

  • Other bits of unused dialogue. Pirkle was Onett's mayor, and Lardna is Porky's mother in MOTHER 2.
Japanese Version English Fan-translation script
◆ピカールさまと ラードナさまの
あいのす を プロデュース
させて いただいて おりますの。
•I'm the producer for "Mr. Pirkle and Ms.
Lardna's Love Nest".

Text Appearing in Inaccessible Locations

  • Somewhere in the top-left of the screen where Flint's house is, there is an unreachable signpost, which needs the Walk Through Walls code to be reached. It has two different messages, depending on how far you are in the plot.
    • The contents of these boxes belongs to everyone. Use them however you wish.
    • The contents of these boxes cost money. Please refrain from using them without paying.
  • Flint, Lucas, Duster and Salsa have unique text for each one when examining a mirror, which will give a brief description to whoever is the first character slot in the party. However, Kumatora and Boney never find themselves leading the party in such areas and thus one cannot see their mirror texts without using the Debug Room beforehand. All of the other characters have blank descriptions.
    • Kumatora: "Not bad."
    • Boney: "For a second, you thought some cheeky jerk was staring back at you."

Battle Memory Text

The unused boss Tiny Forest actually has battle memory text hidden in the game data. The information it gives is supported by the fact that the Mole Cricket Hole is quite empty and one could easily fit a boss in the end of the dungeon where the path only goes one way. Tiny Forests stats are also balanced for a miniboss when compared to the Snowcap enemies in the proceeding area.

A tiny, tiny forest that
grows in the mole cricket
hole. It's really more of a
bush than a forest, but

The Battle Memory also has default text indicating an earlier, and slightly more informative, way of describing enemies.

Ht: 100cm  Wt: 100kg
Personality: Atrocious
Habitat: Mountains
Experience: 12345

Battle Debug Menu

Some left-over text exists in the beginning of the text block used for the battle engine. It is safe to assume these were destined for a Debug Menu for the battle engine. Here are the lines from the fan-translated version. This Debug Menu is currently inaccessible.

0000-E: Debug Text[END]
0002-E: Player[END]
0003-E: PSI[END]
0004-E: Goods[END]
0005-E: Monster[END]
0006-E: Status[END]
0007-E: Other[END]
0009-E: Name[END]
000A-E: Kill Off[END]
000B-E: Level[END]
000C-E: EXP[END]
000D-E: HP[END]
000E-E: PP[END]
000F-E: ATK[END]
0010-E: DEF[END]
0011-E: IQ[END]
0012-E: SPD[END]
0013-E: Kindness[END]
0015-E: Target[END]
0016-E: PSI[END]
0017-E: Add[END]
0018-E: Remove[END]
001A-E: Target[END]
001B-E: Goods[END]
001C-E: Add[END]
001D-E: Remove[END]
001F-E: Name[END]
0020-E: ID[END]
0021-E: Kill Off[END]
0022-E: Attack Sound[END]
0023-E: Direction[END]
0024-E: Level[END]
0025-E: HP[END]
0026-E: PP[END]
0027-E: ATK[END]
0028-E: DEF[END]
0029-E: IQ[END]
002A-E: SPD[END]
002B-E: Kindness[END]
002C-E: Weak No-Element[END]
002D-E: Weak Fire[END]
002E-E: Weak Ice[END]
002F-E: Weak Thunder[END]
0030-E: Weak Explosion[END]
0032-E: Target[END]
0033-E: Status[END]
0034-E: Add[END]
0035-E: Remove[END]
0037-E: Full Party Recovery[END]
0038-E: Full Party Death[END]
0039-E: Field[END]
003A-E: Effect[END]
003B-E: BGM[END]
003C-E: CPU Load[END]
003D-E: Memory Load[END]
003E-E: Status Name[END]
003F-E: [END]
0040-E: Poison[END]
0041-E: Paralysis[END]
0042-E: Sleep[END]
0043-E: Strange[END]
0044-E: Crying[END]
0045-E: Forgetful[END]
0046-E: Nauseated[END]
0047-E: Fleas[END]
0048-E: On Fire[END]
0049-E: Paralyzed, Frozen[END]
004A-E: Smell[END]
004C-E: Staple Stopped[END]
004D-E: Apology Stopped[END]
004E-E: Laugh Stopped[END]
004F-E: Guard[END]
0050-E: No EXP[END]
0051-E: OFF Down Weak[END]
0052-E: OFF Down Strong[END]
0053-E: DEF Down Weak[END]
0054-E: DEF Down Strong[END]
0055-E: Shield[END]
0056-E: Counter[END]
0057-E: Shocked[END]
0058-E: PSI Shield[END]
0059-E: PSI Counter[END]
005A-E: OFF Up Weak[END]
005B-E: OFF Up Strong[END]
005C-E: DEF Up Weak[END]
005D-E: DEF Up Strong[END]
005E-E: Escape Failure[END]
005F-E: Dance[END]
0060-E: OFF Down Mid[END]
0061-E: DEF Down Mid[END]
0062-E: Time Bomb[END]
0063-E: Parameters Up[END]
0064-E: Parameters Down[END]
0065-E: Refresh[END]
0066-E: Fell Over[END]
0067-E: Dance OFF Up[END]
0068-E: Dance DEF Up[END]
0069-E: Dance SPD Up[END]
006A-E: Dance IQ Up[END]
006B-E: Dance OFF Down[END]
006C-E: Dance DEF Down[END]
006D-E: Dance SPD Down[END]
006E-E: Dance IQ Down[END]
006F-E: Endure[END]
0070-E: OFF Up Mid[END]
0071-E: DEF Up Mid[END]
0072-E: No Back Sprite[END]

0682-E: ???[END]

Overworld Debug Menu

Like the aforementioned Battle Debug Menu, this menu hasn't a known method of access. It would be used for the overworld testing.

01-E:Collision Detect[END]
03-E:OBJ Data ID[END]
04-E:Obstacle Evasion[END]
05-E:Process Load[END]
06-E:Gamma Correction[END]
07-E:Control Mode[END]
08-E:World Map[END]
09-E:Encounter BGM[END]
0B-E:Sound No.[END]
0C-E:Current Coords[END]
0D-E:Money On Hand[END]
0F-E:Leder Counter[END]
10-E:Respawn Location[END]
11-E:Current BGM[END]
17-E:No Display[END]
18-E:Advance  [END]
19-E:GB Player[END]