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MotoGP 4

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Title Screen

MotoGP 4

Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco (JP), Bandai Namco (US), SCEE (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: September 15, 2005
Released in US: June 20, 2006
Released in EU: May 27, 2005

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

MotoGP 4 is Namco's last console MotoGP game (barring the 2005/2006 season PSP game and the China-only System 256 arcade game based on the 2006 season), now featuring all tracks and every class from the 2004 MotoGP season, as well as a more serious motorsports game feel compared to their previous titles.

It also pays a tribute to Daijiro Kato, in a similar way to how Dale Earnhardt was playable in NASCAR games released years after each respective fatal accidents.

Unused Riders/Teams

To do:
What are bike_extra_p02_sl-bike_extra_p05_sl? (bike_extra_p01_sl seems to be the safety car?)

The executable/SLUS file contains filenames referencing teams and riders that are not present in the game.

Team names refer to official 2004 FIM entry list and may not reflect intended in-game name.

Team Bikes for Player

Label Number Team Notes
bike_gp250_mat_55_sl 55 Matteoni Racing
bike_gp250_ari_69_sl 69 Molenaar Racing Also cut from 125cc class.
"ari" refers to team owner Arie Molenaar.
bike_gp250_ncw_04_sl 4 NC World Trade
bike_gp250_kie_05_sl 5 Castrol-Honda Kiefer Racing
bike_gp125_rac_93_sl 93 Globet.com Racing Sponsor-related issue with team name?
bike_gp125_fon_05_sl 5 Abruzzo Racing Team Andrea Ballerini livery?
Unknown what "fon" stands for.
bike_gp125_abr_45_sl 45 Abruzzo Racing Team Youichi Ui/Gioele Pellino livery?
bike_gp125_ari_61_sl 61 Molenaar Racing Also cut from 250cc class.
"ari" refers to team owner Arie Molenaar.

2004 Riders

Label Number Rider Team Notes
bike_gp250_mat_25_sl 25 Alex Baldolini Matteoni Racing
bike_gp250_ari_96_sl 96 Jakub Smrz Moleenar Racing
bike_gp250_ncw_44_sl 44 Taro Sekiguchi NC World Trade
bike_gp250_ncw_40_sl 40 Max Sabbatani NC World Trade
bike_gp250_kie_15_sl 15 Christian Gemmel Castrol-Honda Kiefer Racing
bike_gp125_rac_23_sl 23 Mike Di Megilo Globet.com Racing
bike_gp125_rac_63_sl 63 Gino Borsoi Globet.com Racing
bike_gp125_fon_50_sl 50 Andrea Ballerini Abruzzo Racing Team
bike_gp125_abr_41_sl 41 Youichi Ui Abruzzo Racing Team Ui is playable in the MotoGP class for the Harris WCM team.
bike_gp125_abr_42_sl 42 Gioele Pellino Abruzzo Racing Team
bike_gp125_ari_16_sl 16 Raymond Schouten Moleenar Racing


While there are only seven legend bikes in the game (three of them representing the same rider, to boot), there is a mention of bike_legends_c8_sl and bike_legends_c9_sl in the SLUS file, in case there are two other legend riders to fill out the roster.

Regional Differences

Default Player Country

The default nationality setting for the player rider reflects each version of the game: JPN (Japan) in the Japanese version, GBR (Great Britain) in the European version, and USA (United States) in the US version.

Network Adapter Support

To do:
  • Does the Japanese version use it for anything? There's no indication anywhere in the cover.
  • Is the USB headset support US only as a result of online multiplayer?

The European version uses the Network Adapter for LAN multiplayer, while the US version uses it for online multiplayer powered by GameSpy Arcade.


Incorrect Castrol Font

MotoGP 4 Gardner Castrol font.png

Wayne Gardner's bike uses a period-incorrect font for the Castrol logo on the bottom of his fairing, using the 2001 font despite the bike being representative of his 1992 season machine. This mistake was a carryover from his previous appearance in MotoGP 3, as all legend riders in this game (except the 2003 version of Daijiro Kato) come directly from there.