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Mutant Mudds (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

Mutant Mudds

Also known as: Mud Attack! Max Vs Dorodoro Seijin (JP)
Developer: Renegade Kid
Publishers: Renegade Kid (US/EU/AU), Rainy Frog (JP)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: June 24, 2015
Released in US: January 26, 2012
Released in EU: June 21, 2012
Released in AU: June 21, 2012

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Mutant Mudds is a game about mud, a water cannon (don't call it a squirt gun), and the apocalypse.

Hidden Config Files

At romfs\compiled\config, there are two files named game.ini and hacks.ini. These files contain commented debug/config strings as well as witty comments left by the devs.


;the master maximum magnitude for stereo effects
;the displacement will fit within -Stereo_Magnitude < displacement < Stereo_Magnitude
;for example, a value of 400 would be ridiculous and displace by a whole screen
;whereas a value of 0 would totally kill the stereo effect.
;I am trying to keep these stereo effects working at the pixel level, so make this an integer
Stereo_Magnitude = 20

;how fast to walk left and right? how fast to hover left and right?
WalkSpeed = 1.0

;how fast to rise when jumping?
JumpSpeed = 3.0

;maximum fall speed
FallSpeed = 2.0;

;consult sir isaac newton
Gravity = 0.10

;how quickly a truncated jump's rise turns into a fall. once the velocity is downward, normal gravity takes over
TurnaroundGravityPostJump = 1.00

;how quickly a naturally topped-off jump (from boost or jump) turns into a fall. once the velocity is downward, normal gravity takes over
TurnaroundGravityNatural = 0.40

;how long (and, ergo, high) to allow a jump before it gets killed.
;JumpTime = 14
JumpTime = 10

;how long (and, ergo, high) to allow a BOOST before it gets killed
BoostTime = 28

;how quickly to move during a boost. turnaround gravity and gravity will apply same as a normal jump once the boost ends.
BoostSpeed = 6.0

;integer: how many ticks it takes to get to the walk speed while youre slipping around on ice
IceWalkAccelerationTime = 90
IceWalkDecelerationTime = 60

;;;;Here are comments about the launch parameters
;;;;But now there are several groups of them
;the total time spent in a launch
;LaunchTime = 20
;i originally chose this a little higher (12) to make some of my test cases work
;but i think that may have been a bit too high of a jump. you will probably have an opinion
;if you want to we can make different launch times for each of the 4 transitions (1->2, 2->1, 2->3, and 3->2)
;this has a lot to do with how you position the launchpads and landing spots relatively with respect to Y position
;a bad launch time will cause you to end up inside collision on the new plane
;the part of the time that the launch looks like a jump (after this it turns to a fall)
;this is sort of subtle but it will affect how high the launch is
;LaunchJumpTime = 4

LaunchTime_1_Fore_2 = 20
LaunchJumpTime_1_Fore_2 = 4

LaunchTime_2_Back_1 = 20
LaunchJumpTime_2_Back_1 = 4

LaunchTime_2_Fore_3 = 20
LaunchJumpTime_2_Fore_3 = 4

LaunchTime_3_Back_2 = 20
LaunchJumpTime_3_Back_2 = 4

;whether you can launch from a running state (ordinarily only idle is allowed)
AllowRunningLaunch = true

;whether you can get control back after the launch is complete, but before you hit the ground
AllowLaunchEarlyControl = false

;how fast you go immediately after smashing your head from a boost.
;increasing this makes you feel like you are grinding your head against the ceiling. I sort of like it.
;but too much makes you feel sticky.
;it can be larger than boost speed if you want to really do some grinding
BoostHeadGrindFinalSpeed = BoostSpeed

;how many ticks to allow jumps after walking off a ledge
;no other games do this (as far as I know) but for some reason it seems necessary for us,
;and at least one frame may be necessary to account for undesireable code quirks in how the player is implemented
;to achieve parity with other games
JumpLeniency = 2

;how many ticks to register jump button press before executing a hover
;(this will cause you to jump again if you land on a floor immediately after pressing the button)
;(many games have a window before landing where you can press the jump button;
; missing a jump is very annoying; moreso in our game where you hover when you miss it)
HoverDelay = 2

;how long to be stunned after shooting while on the ground
GroundShotStunTime = 12
;when to switch to frame 2
GroundShotFrame1Time = 4
;when to switch off the ground shot anim frame
GroundShotFrame2Time = 8

;how fast bullets move
BulletSpeed = 4

;how many bullets can exist at once per bullet upgrade level
MaxBullets_level_0 = 1
MaxBullets_level_1 = 3

;how far do bullets go before disappearing?
BulletLifetime_level_0 = 120
BulletLifetime_level_1 = 200

;how far can bullets go offscreen before disappearing?
;(this is measured in screen pixels so youll never be able to shoot far off the screen)
;keep in mind that this is a bit odd due to the +/- 20 pixels of stereo effect
;if you choose 0 here, then bullets will disappear while still slightly on screen
;but you wont choose 0 here so it is OK
BulletOffscreenPixels = 32

;how long to let the player hover
HoverTime_level_0 = 40
HoverTime_level_1 = 100

;how long to wait before playing idle anim
IdleAnimTime = 360

;how long to freeze time when you get hurt
HurtFreezeTime = 20
;how long you are invincible when you get hurt
HurtInvincibilityTime = 80
;somehow related to the rate at which you blink when you get hurt
HurtInvincibilityBlinkRate = 4

;how many ticks the enemy hit effect is shown
EnemyHitEffectTimer = 20

;length of time that ghost enemy stays MIA after getting hit
;6 seconds * 60 frames
;note that the enemy will be MIA for a tiny bit longer as it phases back in (wont start attacking til the phase-in anim is done)
GhostFrames = 120

GhostShots = 10


HACK_SkipMenu = true
HACK_StartLevel = Level1-1
;HACK_StartLevel = _Level_Select
HACK_StartPoint = start
HACK_SingleSize = false

HACK_StartWithPowerups = false

HACK_NoThrottle = false

HACK_ShowFPS = false
HACK_AllowFastForward = false
HACK_RenderObs = false

HACK_Invincible = false

HACK_GrandmaAvailable = false

HACK_UnlockDoors = false

HACK_DrawCollisionVolumes = false

Unused Music

To do:
these are two test audio files that are not in a playable format

Found in the games files, there are two files called SEQ_TEST1 and SEQ_TECHTEST. The former audio appears to be a duplicate of the Level 1-1 theme. however, the rhythm is different than the final. While the latter file appears to not play at all.