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Notes:After Burner (Arcade)

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This page contains notes for the game After Burner (Arcade).

00AF54: 0839 0003 0029 C077        btst    #$3, $29c077.l
00AF5C: 6600 001A                  bne     $af78
00AF60: 0839 0003 0029 C076        btst    #$3, $29c076.l
00AF68: 6700 000E                  beq     $af78
00AF6C: 08F8 0000 9128             bset    #$0, $9128.w
00AF72: 0678 0001 9126             addi.w  #$1, $9126.w

This code (which is run on the continue screen) is accessed only after the player presses Vulcan 4 times and Missile 2 times. What it's supposed to do is check if the 1P Start button has been pressed, after which it will set bit 0 of the Hidden Message Display variable and increment the Hidden Message Value. However, pressing the 1P Start button on the continue screen immediately ends the game, so it's impossible for this code to be reached.