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This page contains notes for the game Banjo-Kazooie.

Sandcastle Codes

This is a complete list of all the cheats that you can enter in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove. Note that there are no spaces in the codes; they're just added here to make them easier to read.

Cheats marked with an asterisk will require CHEAT to be typed in before entering the code itself. You'll hear mooing when entering this, and another moo when typing the last letter in the subsequent code. Also, if you try to enter more than two of those cheats, Bottles will warn you about Grunty erasing your save. If you ignore his warning, the currently selected save file will be erased. The game will still carry on as normal, but won't save until you return to the file select.

Cheato's Codes

These are given to you by Cheato and will upgrade your item counts. You can't enter these until you find him.

  • BLUE EGGS - Upgrades your max egg count to 200.
  • RED FEATHERS - Upgrades your max red feather count to 100.
  • GOLD FEATHERS - Upgrades your max gold feather count to 20.

Bottles' Codes

These are given to you by Bottles when you complete his moving picture minigame. These change Banjo and Kazooie's appearance and are purely cosmetic. You can't enter these until you complete a level in the minigame.

  • BOTTLES BONUS ONE - Makes Banjo's head big.
  • BOTTLES BONUS TWO - Makes Banjo's hands and feet big.
  • BOTTLES BONUS THREE - Makes Kazooie's head and wings big.
  • BOTTLES BONUS FOUR - Shrinks Banjo's head and makes him tall.
  • BOTTLES BONUS FIVE - Same as Four, but makes Banjo's feet huge as well.
  • BIG BOTTLES BONUS - Combines the effects of One, Two, and Three.
  • WISHY WASHY BANJO - Turns Banjo into a washing machine. Unlike the rest of Bottles' codes, this one changes Banjo's physics a bit.
  • NO BONUS - Reverts Banjo and Kazooie to normal.

Stop 'N' Swop Codes

These codes unlock Stop 'N' Swop-related items. These are never given to you at any point in-game, and presumably would've been given to you in Banjo-Tooie at some point during development.

  • NOW BANJO WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT ON NABNUTS TABLE* - Yellow Mystery Egg appears on Nabnut's table in the Winter section of Click Clock Wood.
  • THIS SECRET YOULL BE GRABBIN IN THE CAPTAINS CABIN* - Red Mystery Egg appears in the captain's cabin in Rusty Bucket Bay.
  • AMIDST THE HAUNTED GLOOM A SECRET IN THE BATHROOM* - Green Mystery Egg appears atop of Loggo in Mad Monster Mansion.
  • A DESERT DOOR OPENS WIDE ANCIENT SECRETS WAIT INSIDE* - A door in Gobi's Valley opens, allowing you to get the Blue Mystery Egg.
  • OUT OF THE SEA IT RISES TO REVEAL MORE SECRET PRIZES* - Sharkfood Island in Treasure Trove Cove rises, allowing you to get the Magenta Mystery Egg.
  • DONT YOU GO AND TELL HER ABOUT THE SECRET IN HER CELLAR* - The barrel with an X on it in the cellar of Mad Monster Mansion will be open, allowing you to get the Cyan Mystery Egg.
  • NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE* - The ice wall in Wozza's cave in Freezeezy Peak disappears, allowing you to get the Ice Key.

Note Door Codes

These open the note doors in Grunty's lair.

  • GO RIGHT ON THROUGH NOTE DOOR TWO* - Opens the second note door.
  • NOTE DOOR THREE GET IN FOR FREE* - Opens the third note door.
  • TAKE A TOUR THROUGH NOTE DOOR FOUR* - Opens the fourth note door.
  • USE THIS CHEAT NOTE DOOR FIVE IS BEAT* - Opens the fifth note door.
  • THIS TRICKS USED TO OPEN NOTE DOOR SIX* - Opens the sixth note door.
  • THE SEVENTH NOTE DOOR IS NOW NO MORE* - Opens the seventh note door.

Level Picture Codes

These codes complete the picture for a level, unlocking said level as a result.

  • YOU CAN GET WET FEET NOW CLANKERS JIGGY IS COMPLETE* - Completes the picture for Clanker's Cavern.
  • THE JIGGYS FULL OFF YOU STOMP INTO DINGY BUBBLEGLOOP SWAMP* - Completes the picture for Bubblegloop Swamp.
  • THE JIGGYS DONE SO OFF YOU GO INTO FREEZEEZY PEAK AND ITS SNOW* - Completes the picture for Freezeezy Peak.
  • GOBIS JIGGY IS NOW DONE TREK ON IN AND GET SOME SUN* - Completes the picture for Gobi's Valley.
  • THE JIGGYS NOW MADE WHOLE INTO THE MANSION YOU CAN STROLL* - Completes the picture for Mad Monster Mansion.
  • THE JIGGYS DONE SO TAKE A TRIP ON TO THE RUSTY BUCKET SHIP* - Completes the picture for Rusty Bucket Bay.
  • CLICK CLOCK WOOD IS LOTS OF FUN GO ON IN THE JIGGYS DONE* - Completes the picture for Click Clock Wood.

Open Level Codes

These codes just open the level without completing the picture for it. There is no code to open Treasure Trove Cove.

  • NOW INTO THE SWAMP YOU CAN STOMP* - Opens Bubblegloop Swamp.
  • NOW YOU CAN GO AND TRUDGE IN THE SNOW* - Opens Freezeezy Peak.
  • THE MANSION OF GHOSTS ARE NOW YOUR HOSTS* - Opens Mad Monster Mansion.

Grunty's Lair Codes

These codes activate various things in Grunty's lair.

  • BOTH PIPES ARE THERE TO CLANKERS LAIR* - Raises the two underwater pipes near Clanker's Cavern.
  • YOULL CEASE TO GRIPE WHEN UP GOES A PIPE* - Raises a pipe near Clanker's Cavern.
  • YOULL BE AMAZED NOW THE SWAMP PICCY GRILLE IS RAISED* - Raises the grille blocking the tunnel to the Bubblegloop Swamp picture.
  • DONT DESPAIR THE TREE JIGGY PODIUM IS NOW THERE* - Activates the Jiggy podium for Click Clock Wood.
  • SHES AN UGLY BAT SO LETS REMOVE HER GRILLE AND HAT* - Removes the hat of the large statue of Grunty.
  • ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY AS THE ICE BALL MOVES AWAY* - Removes the ice ball near the Freezeezy Peak picture.
  • THEY CAUSE TROUBLE BUT NOW THEYRE RUBBLE* - Removes the brick walls near Gobi's Valley.
  • YOULL BE GLAD TO SEE THE SHOCK JUMPPAD* - Activates the rotating Shock Jump pad near Gobi's Valley.
  • WEBS STOP YOUR PLAY SO TAKE THEM AWAY* - Removes the spider webs near Freezeezy Peak.
  • GRUNTY WILL CRY NOW YOUVE SMASHED HER EYE* - Removes the glass eye of the stone Grunty head near Freezeezy Peak.
  • YOU WONT BE SAD NOW YOU CAN USE THE FLY PAD* - Activates the flight pad near Freezeezy Peak until you quit the game. Normally, you have to hit a switch then run to the flight pad in 10 seconds before it breaks.
  • YOU WONT HAVE TO WAIT NOW THERES NO CRYPT GATE* - Removes the gate near Mad Monster Mansion leading to the crypt.
  • THIS SHOULD GET RID OF THE CRYPT COFFIN LID* - Removes the lid of the coffin in the crypt near Mad Monster Mansion.
  • UP YOU GO WITHOUT A HITCH UP TO THE WATER LEVEL SWITCH* - Raises the water level near Rusty Bucket Bay.
  • THE GRILLE GOES BOOM TO THE SHIP PICTURE ROOM* - Removes the grille blocking the picture for Rusty Bucket Bay.
  • ONCE IT SHONE BUT THE LONG TUNNEL GRILLE IS GONE* - Removes the grille near the picture for Mad Monster Mansion.

Item Codes

These codes give you full items until you quit the game.

  • LOTS OF GOES WITH MANY BANJOS* - Gives you infinite lives.
  • BANJO BEGS FOR PLENTY OF EGGS* - Gives you infinite eggs.
  • NOW YOU CAN FLY HIGH IN THE SKY* - Gives you infinite red feathers.
  • A GOLDEN GLOW TO PROTECT BANJO* - Gives you infinite gold feathers.
  • AN ENERGY BAR TO GET YOU FAR* - Gives you 8 honeycomb pieces.
  • DONT BE A DUMBO GO SEE MUMBO* - Gives you 99 Mumbo Tokens. Unlike the rest of these, this one actually saves, so you'll still have all the Tokens after quitting and loading the save file again.
  • GIVE THE BEAR LOTS OF AIR* - Gives you infinite air when underwater.

Other Codes

  • CHEAT - Used to enable some codes.
  • BANJO KAZOOIE - Used to open the gate inside the sandcastle.
  • EIOOZAK OJNAB - Used in one of the challenges in Furnace Fun.
  • BANJO KAZOOIE - An unused cheat that uses the same letters as the above, but does nothing in the final game and can't be entered at any point.

Music Modifier

8128189A ???? - U V1.0
812806DA ???? - U V1.1
812816BA ???? - E
812806DA ???? - J

0000 Blank - Nothing
0001 Scrap - Final fight against Grunty
0002 Jungle 2 - Mumbo's Mountain
0003 Snow 2 - Freezeezy Peak
0004 Bells
0005 Beach - Treasure Trove Cove
0006 Swamp
0007 Crab Cave
0008 Title
0009 Notes
000A Jinjo
000B Feather
000C Egg
000D Jigpiece
000E Sky
000F Spooky - Mad Monster Mansion
0010 Training - Spiral Mountain
0011 Lighthouse - TTC at the very top area
0012 Crab - TTC fight against Nipper
0013 Shell
0014 Feather Inv
0015 Extra life
0016 Honeycomb
0017 Empty honey piece
0018 Extra honey
0019 Mystery
001A You lose
001B Termite nest
001C Outside whale
001D Spell
001E Witch House
001F In whale
0020 Desert
0021 In spooky
0022 Grave
0023 Church
0024 Sphinx
0025 Invunerability
0026 Collapse
0027 Snake
0028 Sandcastle
0029 Summer
002A Winter
002B Right
002C Wrong
002D Achieve
002E Autumn
002F Default forest
0030 5 Jinjos
0031 Game over
0032 Nintendo
0033 Ship
0034 Shark
0035 Ship inside
0036 100 Notes
0037 Door Open
0038 Organ sequence
0039 Advent
003A Slalom
003B Race win
003C Race lose
003D Jigsaw magic
003E Oh dear
003F Up
0040 Down
0041 Shamen Hut
0042 Jig 10
0043 Carpet
0044 Squirrel
0045 Hornet
0046 Treetop
0047 Turtle Shell
0048 House Summer
0049 House Autumn
004A Out Buildings
004B Hornet 2
004C Cabins
004D Rain
004E Jigsaw Open
004F Jigsaw Close
0050 Witch 1
0051 Witch 2
0052 Witch 3
0053 Witch 4
0054 Witch 5
0055 Mr Vile
0056 Bridge
0057 Turbo Talon Trot
0058 Long Legs
0059 Witch 6
005A Boggy sad
005B Boggy happy
005C Quit
005D Witch 7
005E Witch 8
005F Spring
0060 Squirrel attic
0061 Lights
0062 Box
0063 Witch 9
0064 Open up
0065 Puzzle complete
0066 Xmas tree
0067 Puzzle in
0068 Lite tune
0069 Open extra
006A Ouija
006B Wozza
006C Intro
006D Gnawty
006E Banjo's Pad
006F Pause
0070 Cesspit
0071 Quiz
0072 Frog
0073 GameBoy
0074 Lair
0075 Red Extra
0076 Gold Extra
0077 Egg Extra
0078 Note door
0079 Cheaty
007A Fairy
007B Skull
007C Square Grunty
007D Square Banjo
007E Square Joker
007F Square Music
0080 Lab
0081 Fade Up
0082 Puzzle Out
0083 Secret Gobi
0084 Secret Beach
0085 Secret Ice
0086 Secret Spooky
0087 Secret Squirrel
0088 Secret Egg
0089 Jinjup
008A Turbo Talon Trot short
008B Fade Down
008C Big Jinjo
008D T1000 - Jinjonator statue rising
008E Credits
008F T1000x - Jinjonator activated
0090 Big Door
0091 Descent
0092 Wind up
0093 Air
0094 Do jig
0095 Picture
0096 Piece up
0097 Piece down
0098 Spin
0099 BarBQ
009A Chord1 - Chord1-10 are used when the Jinjonator attacks Grunty
009B Chord2
009C Chord3
009D Chord4
009E Chord5
009F Chord6
0100 Chord7
0101 Chord8
0102 Chord9
0103 Chord10
0104 Shock1 - Shock1-4 are used in the BBQ cutscene when Tooty reminds everyone that Grunty hasn't been defeated
0105 Shock2
0106 Shock3
0107 Shock4
0108 Sad grunt
0109 Podium
010A Endbit
010B Rock
010C Last Bit
010D Unnamed piece - Crashes when you try to play these last two
010E Unnamed piece