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Notes:Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

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This page contains notes for the game Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.

$7F: Dialogue ID.

00 - What a horrible night to have a curse.
01 - The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night.
02 - Nothing.
03 - Nothing.
04 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 1.
05 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 2.
06 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 3.
07 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 4.
08 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 5.
09 - Your Level of skill has Increased to 6.
0A - Your Level of skill has Increased to 7.
0B - Sure I'll take you to the good place. Heh!! Heh!! Heh!!
0C - Let me show you the way.
0D - To replentish earth, kneel by the lake with the blue crystal.
0E - I'll give your morning star power to burn away evil.
0F - I'll give you a silk bag.
10 - I'll give you this silver knife to save your neck.
11 - Dracula's evil knife blurs Camilla's vision.
12 - I'll give you a diamond.
13 - I'll show you the way.
14 - Dracula's nail may solve the evil mystery.
15 - Nothing.
16 - Nothing.
17 - Nothing.
18 - You now possess Dracula's rib.
19 - You now possess Dracula's heart.
1A - You now possess Dracula's eyeball.
1B - You now possess Dracula's nail.
1C - You now possess Dracula's ring.
1D - Invest in an oak stake?
1E - A symbol of evil will appear when you strike the stake.
1F - Destroy the curse and you'll rule Brahm's mansion.
20 - A flame flickers inside the ring of fire.
21 - Garlic in the graveyard summons a stranger.
22 - Destroy the curse with Dracula's heart.
23 - Place the laurels in the silk bag to bring them to life.
24 - Wait for a soul with a red crystal on Deborah cliff.
25 - The curse has killed the laurel tree.
26 - You now possess the magic cross.
27 - Nothing.
28 - Nothing.
29 - Nothing.
2A - Nothing.
2B - Nothing.
2C - Nothing.
2D - Nothing.
2E - Nothing.
2F - Will you buy some garlic?
30 - Buy some of my laurels?
31 - Rest here for a while.
32 - Buy a white crystal?
33 - Buy a thorn whip?
34 - Purchase a chain whip?
35 - Morning Star - Buy one?
36 - Will you buy a dagger?
37 - Want to buy holy water?
38 - First thing to do in this town is buy a white crystal.
39 - You've got a friend waiting for you in the town of Aljiba.
3A - Turn right for the Jova woods. Left for Belasco marsh.
3B - Turn right for Dabi's path left for the Veros woods.
3C - Turn right for Sadam woods, left for the Jam Wasteland.
3D - You have a friend in the town of Aldra. Go and see him.
3E - 13 clues will solve Dracula's riddle.
3F - A man living in the darkness can give your whip power.
40 - A rib can shield you from evil.
41 - A magic potion will destroy the wall of evil.
42 - Clear a path at Berkeley mansion with a white crystal.
43 - Laurels in your soup enhances it's aroma.
44 - Rumor has it, the Ferry man at Dead river loves garlic.
45 - Dig up the 4th grave in the cemetery for a diamond.
46 - Believe in the magic and you'll be saved.
47 - Take my daughter, PLEASE!!
48 - You look pale, my son. You must rest in the church.
49 - Don't look into the death star, or you will die.
4A - Don't make me stay. I'll die.
4B - When I was your age, women loved me.
4C - A crooked trader is offering bum deals in this town.
4D - A flame is on top of the 6th tree in the Denis woods.
4E - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in the town of Veros.
4F - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in the town of Alba.
50 - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in Berkeley mansion.
51 - Turn right for Camilla cemetery, left for Aljiba Woods.
52 - Turn right for the Dead river, left for the Sadam Woods.
53 - Turn left for the Wicket ditch, right to go North.
54 - Turn right for Vrad graveyard, left for the Dora woods.
55 - I'd like to exchange a white crystal for a blue one.
56 - I'd like to exchange a blue crystal for a red one.
57 - To restore your life, shout in front of the church.
58 - The Dead river waits to be freed from the curse.
59 - Dracula's eyeball reflects the curse.
5A - Let's live here together.
5B - A laurel will protect you from the poison marsh.
5C - An old gypsy holds a diamond in front of the Deborah cliff.
5D - Hit Deborah cliff with your head to make a hole.
5E - After Castlevania I warned you not to return.
5F - Sorry, pal. No time now, maybe later.
60 - Buy some garlic. It has special powers.
61 - I've been waiting for a good looking guy like you.
62 - I want to get to know you better.
63 - I'll see you at midnight on the river bank.
64 - Get Back!!
65 - You've upset the people. Now get out of town.
66 - Get a silk bag from the graveyard duck to live longer.
67 - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in the Veros woods.
68 - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in the Bodley mansion.
69 - Clues to Dracula's riddle are in the Rover mansion.
6A - The cross in Laruba's mansion must be found.
6B - I refuse to exchange my crystal for yours.
6C - Nothing.
6D - Nothing.
6E - Nothing.
6F - Nothing.
70 - Nothing.
71 - Nothing.
72 - Nothing.
73 - Nothing.
74 - Nothing.
75 - To break my spell, come back with a powerful weapon.
76 - You now possess the sacred flame.
77 - You now possess the golden knife.
78 - I beg of you to take these laurels.

(Source: Abystus)