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Notes:Crypt of the NecroDancer

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This page contains notes for the game Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Debug Mode

this is a mess,you have been warned pressing f1 at any time with debug mode enabled brings up hotkey menu

  1. Debug hotkeys
    • "A" -create armor
      • "1" -create leather armor
      • "2" -chainmail armor
      • "3" -plate armor
      • "4" -heavy plate armor
        • these four options crash the game,probably due to these items not existing
      • "5" -spiked leather armor
      • "6" -spiked chainmail armor
      • "7" -spiked plate armor
      • "8" -spiked heavy plate armor
      • "9"
      • "0"
    • "E" -Create enemy
    • "N" -create enemy 2
    • "M" -create enemy 3
    • "O" -create other items
    • "J" -create other items2
    • "K" -create other items3
    • "W" -create weapon
    • "T" -create trap
    • "R" -reassign gameplay keys
    • "L" -level-altering hotkeys
    • "P" -custom song playlist
    • "S" -other song hotkeys
    • "C" -various cheats
    • "D" -debug keys
      • "6" -add player
        • adds a player character,up to four;used for coop mode,but only two are ever used at once in game
      • "7" -remove player
        • removes a player character
      • "U" -throw a debug exception
        • crashes the game on selection
      • "I" -Christmas mode!
        • Changes Cadence to look like an elf,probably more
      • "Z" -test coin cheating
        • takes you to a screen that say"score cheating detected",seems impossible to do anything at all here
      • "C" -give 1000 diamonds
    • "G" -GUI
      • "1" -toggle force show diamonds
        • forces diamond counter to be shown,even in all zones mode
      • "2" -toggle force no align spells
        • unknown
      • "3" -toggle force fixed spell slots
        • unknown
    • "Space" -recalibrate video and audio latency
      • opens the recalibration option from the options menu,works as intended
    • "I" -play intro(DISABLED FOR NOW)
      • does nothing,presumably would play the intro cutscene
    • "F1" -toggle this hotkey mode on and off