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Notes:Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis)

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This page contains notes for the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis).

Graphics using the same LZ compression from Puyo Puyo:

070000-071D11 Main gameplay background
071D12-0729DB Game Over (1P VS 2P)
0729DC-07408C Arle Cutscene sprites [Puyo Puyo], Dialog box borders
07408C-074FCE Lesson/Endless mode tileset [Puyo Puyo], Option screen background
074FCE-07599E Small fonts (Gameplay)
07599E-075C55 Small fonts (Cast roll) [Puyo Puyo]
075C56-076D04 How to Play + Demo fonts [Puyo Puyo]
076D04-077076 Small fonts (Checksum Error, Option screen [Only in Puyo Puyo])
077076-077A76 Harpy Cutscene sprites [Puyo Puyo]
077A76-07CD08 Gameplay sprites (Puyos, Carbuncle, etc)
07CD08-07FBE7 High Score screen + Fonts [Puyo Puyo]
07FBE8-08010F High Score screen text [Puyo Puyo]
080110-0835FD Game Over (VS CPU) [Puyo Puyo]