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Notes:DuckTales (NES)

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This page contains notes for the game DuckTales (NES).

RAM addresses n' crap

(addresses preceded by $ are in CPU address space)

$6E: message number

  • Terra Fermies message: 11 (13C26/$BC16)

Sprite data: 1BF26 (graphical appearance and behavior, 4 bytes each)

  • first duck, mines: 1BFCE

First sprite, African Mines: 1B8E8 (max value: 7A)

  • 06: invisible barrel
  • 27: large chest with small chest inside? (freezes)
  • 57: ??? (machine?)
  • 58: ???
  • 5D: stalactite? (falls)
  • 5F: ???
  • 61: weird rock/ice? (changes and falls when hit from side)
  • 64: invisible wall
  • 65: invisible wall
  • 66: bigger wall
  • 67: first duck ("treasure keepers" dialogue)

$F6: current stage