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Notes:Great Greed

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This page contains notes for the game Great Greed.

Map Structures

Structural definitions for the game's maps start at DE2C. Each definition is in the following format:

  • Byte 0: unknown
  • Byte 1: map archetype, determining graphics, metatiles?, map chunks -- 0 = overworld, 5 = indoors, others
  • Byte 2: width (in 16x16 chunks of metatiles)
  • Byte 3: height (in 16x16 chunks of metatiles)
  • The next (width * height) bytes are chunk IDs that define the actual map structure (left-to-right, top-to-bottom?). Each map archetype has its own set of chunks -- I haven't looked into where/how those are defined.

Partial list of defined map structures:

DE2C world map 1
DE34 world map 2
DE41 world map 3
DE51 world map 4
DE61 world map 5
DE71 world map 6
DE7E world map 7
DE8E world map 8
DE9B world map 9
DEA7 ??? maybe something from the ending?
DEB4 town 1
DEBC town 2
DEC6 town 3
DECE town 4
DED6 town 5
DEE3 town 6
DEEB town 7
DEF3 town 8
DEFB town 9
DF03 town 10
DF0B town 11
DF13 town 12
DF1D town 13
DF25 town 14
DF2D town 15
DF35 town 16
DF3F town 17
DF49 ??? ending? 1x1 chunk
DF4E display board for election results
DF53 display board for laws
DF58 "camp" village
DF60 royal refuge castle 1f
DF68 house/room
DF72 royal refuge castle 2f
DF7A royal refuge castle throne room
DF84 house/room (this is a lot bigger than it needs to be)
DF8E store
DF98 inn
DFA2 upstairs
DFAC "carpet" room
DFB6 "stage" room
DFC0 genealogy guy's house
DFCC tall carpet room
DFD6 law board inside
DFE0 jail upstairs
DFEA jail downstairs
DFF2 ??? "broken" store?
DFFF tent inside
E009 two-door w/ stairs
E013 house w/ bookshelves
E01D "throne" room passage w/ door
E029 "throne" room
E033 wide carpet room
E03D wide bedroom
E047 wide bedroom, fewer beds
E051 bedroom w/ back door
E05B wide carpeted room
E065 room w/ upstairs
E06F tower
E2B3 dungeon 1
E2BF dungeon 2
E2CB dungeon 3
E2D8 dungeon 4
E2E2 dungeon 5
E2EA dungeon 6
E2FA dungeon 7
E30A dungeon 8
E31A dungeon 9


As you'd expect from an RPG of any real complexity, the game has a fairly elaborate scripting system. Aside from dialogue, scripts are used to load and transition between maps; the object layout, starting player positions, etc. for a map are all set up by the script that loads it.

  • ROM 2EE33 is part of the script that loads the second "mountain inn" in the US version; it's a pointer to the structure definition to be loaded from bank 3. The immediately following commands set up the objects for the map.

Memory Addresses

C2B0+ = passability of tiles surrounding player
  FF = impassable, 00 = passable
  - freeze 9 bytes for walk through walls
C2D1 = player tile x-position
C2D2 = player tile y-position
C2E2 = target map archetype on map load
C2E5 = random encounter "group"? (0 = no encounters?)
C361-C362 = pointer to currently inactive/yielded script?
C900 = script variables?
C960 = script stack?