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This page contains notes for the game Gumshoe.

Various Cheats

  • Unless noted, these addresses will work on both the NES version and the VS system version.

0038 -- Lives

00D9 -- If 01, locks zapper input

00DC -- Hit points (for Potion powerup); NES version only

00DD -- Associated palette for "level" of protection (NES version only)

  • 00 -- Normal
  • 01 -- Pink
  • 02 up -- Green

00DF -- If set to non-zero value, will change the in-game palette to an all-blue palette. This is different from the one used when you lose a life. NES version only; strange.

00E0 -- Time left, seconds digit

00E1 -- Time left, minutes digit

00E3 -- Bullets, lower byte *

00E4 -- Bullets, upper byte *

00E6 -- Diamonds (pointless, because you cannot leave the level without them, and altering the count does nothing)

00E5 -- Address where earned bullets are stored. If a non-zero value is entered here, it will start to empty said value into the bullets counter.

00E7 -- Current Level.

  • 00 -- Stage 1
  • 01 -- Stage 2
  • 02 -- Stage 3
  • 03 -- Stage 4
  • 04 -- Fight with Zulie
  • 05 -- glitched stage that freezes once Stevenson enters
  • 06 up -- Crash

008C:08 -- Helmet flag (NES version only)