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Notes:Keitai Denjuu Telefang

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This page contains notes for the game Keitai Denjuu Telefang.

RAM stuff

  • C98E - Setting this to any value other than 00 will enable you to walk through walls, though not diagonally.
  • Menu stuff
    • CB30 - Controls which tab are you when viewing Denjuu's stats. Normally only goes up to 2, so a bigger value causes glitches (DB even crashes the emulator and FE is actually the higher part of the screen)
    • CB38 - Controls which main menu (the one on startup) choice are you on. Values bigger than 3 leads to glitches.
    • CD22 - Controls which D-Shot menu item are you on. Values bigger than 8 lead to glitches, though when clicked, it always opens the picture book (value 8).
      • CB3E - Controls which selection you are on in the options menu. Normally goes up to 4, any higher value shows the cursor over Cancel and modifying it changes the first choice.
      • CB65 - Controls which button you are on when writing down a number (press select in the menu), naming someone or creating a melody. Values higher than F make the cursor go all over the screen and places weird characters when pressed.
        • CB66 - When naming someone, contains the last pressed button number.
      • CB67 - Controls which selection you are on in the save game menu (values higher than 1 act as cancel), the last call menu (values higher than number of calls are unnamed Tsunonasu) and the messages menu (values higher than number of your messages are random Denjuu at random times).
      • CB6F - Controls which item you are on in the item menu. Items larger than what the number you own are seemingly random.
      • D-Melo menu
        • CB6C - Controls how many melodies the menu is scrolled down of. Values higher than 49 reveal loads of space for more custom melodies (normally, you can have only 8)
        • CB6D - Controls on which melody from the six on-screen the cursor is on. Values higher than 5 just loop around.
      • CD23 - Controls which Picture Book Denjuu are you on. Values higher than 174 are always unidentified.
      • CD24 - Controls which Phone Book Denjuu are you on. Values higher than the number of different Denjuu stored minus one displays Denjuu without picture called Kunikuzushi and when clicked displays ALL of your Denjuu at one, plus a bunch of unnamed Tsunonasu with all stats at zero.
  • CAC0 - When set to 1, Shigeki runs.
  • CAD5 - Sets strength of a tremor (screen shakes). The tremor only runs in the overworld (not in menus etc., though it runs when talking to Denjuu on phone).
    • CAD6 - Durning a tremor, this value goes down.
  • CB27 - When set to 1, the fade-to-white routine runs.
  • CDB3 - Sets color of the message box. Values up to 3 are set in the options.
  • CDB5 - Controls which D-Shot phone model you have. 6, 7 and 8 may be unused models. Everything above 8 is garbage. Each phone has a different number of Denjuu allowed to be stored, so if you change your model to one with a lesser maximum, all Denjuu above the limit will not be accessible.
  • CDB7 - When set, a message will be printed from a specific bank. (01 is, for example, "You received 1 mail message", while AA is a battle message "??? woke up!" and FF is "Finally, we're connected..." from the intro.)