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Notes:Light Crusader

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This page contains notes for the game Light Crusader.

If you want to access the menus and other things using a method other than the cheat codes, here you go:

Game Genie

The TEST menu can also be enabled in the U.S. version with these Game Genie codes: A34A-EN9W A34T-EN6N

The MODE menu's extra options can be unlocked with the code A3XA-EADW.

Memory editing

If you want to edit the game's memory to force your entry into the menus, use the following addresses to change the highlighted option.

  • FFEC1B:??00: Menu. Only useful to enter the menu's first page.
  • FFEC27:??00: Sub-menu.
  • FFEC33:??00: Sub-sub-menu.
  • FFEC3F:??00: Sub-sub-sub-menu.
  • FFEC4B:??00: Sub-sub-sub-sub-menu.

Here are some helpful menu option values:

  • TEST is option 05 on the pause menu.
  • TEST2 is option 05 on the TEST menu.

To set the level, use the code FFF016:??00 to change the floor and FFF017:??00 to change the room.