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Notes:Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)

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This page contains notes for the game Mario Golf (Nintendo 64).

SRAM Editor Flags

To do:
This list is definetily incomplete. Any major debug features should be added to the main page.

This is a list of the currently known flags and their associated effects. Please refer to the main page for more details.

00 Displays your coordinates and the Landing Point's
01 Displays information about Frame Buffer (investigate more)
06 Disables land rendering
07 Renders land nearby
10 Displays CLIPRATIO (investigate more)
13 Disables the HUD
15 Disables the skybox background
19 Disables player rendering
1D Disables the rendering of the SRAM menu itself
1F Game freezes when you try leaving
24 Changes into Z-pressing mode (where you align where the ball) but doesn't display grass particles
25 Renders the rings, normally appear only in Ring Shot mode, they are uncollectable unless you are playing in the Ring Shot mode
27 Changes the way textures are applied to the land (investigate more)
28 Debug numbers, seems to change according to the sound (top) and menus accessed (bottom)
29 Debug numbers, doesn't seem to change 
2C Debug numbers, seems to change according to the action currently in place
2D Color and Fog Editor, use the second controller while enabling Frame Buffer usage. Control with the D-Pad or the C buttons.
32 Lets the AI take over, also displays some debugging text
36 Displays "Pres" Coordinates
38 Displays [PCO Frame??] with ?? displaying the frame number of the player character's current animation
39 Cuts the SRAM screen in half
46 Displays サンプルABCDEFG, you can move the text around and change the color with controller 2
47 Displays X/Y/Z/Attr?, changes depending on the location of the player; also allows selecting current pin with P1 L/R during initial camera spin or on Training menu
4A Close-up of the player's golf club, unused?
50 Crashes game when viewing any hole
51 Loads (course + 1)'s first hole instead of the proper course's first hole; uses the textures for the currently selected course instead of its usual textures; crashes when attempting to load Driving Range + 1
5F Edit timings between multiple players' reaction sounds: P2 d-pad to move up/down and change values, P2 C-L/C-R to change reaction type, P2 R to play current character's sound, P2 A to play current char's + 1 more, P2 B to play current char's + 2 more; does display some more debugging text (C:? F:?? O ??? ??? TYPE:?? TIME: ?)
68 Displays Player0 (which player's turn) EXP 0 (to unlock new courses/level up GBC characters)
6D Use D-Pad down to display different messages, D-Pad left and right to change the message. Includes unused "+1" message, stops at "+21"
70 Displays a rock texture on the Pause Menu
71 Displays Prec: 10, changes as you move around