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Notes:Mario Party

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This page contains notes for the game Mario Party.

Event Code Chooser

The code 800F09F7 00?? lets you choose to go to any event in the game. Events with garbage or removed data either cause the game to crash or, in some instances, cause the entire emulator to crash. The minigame list shares some overlap with the minigame chooser code 810ED5DE 00??, but after a few numbers it changes.

00 Memory Match
01 Chance Time
02 Slot Machine
03 Buried Treasure
04 Treasure Divers
05 Shell Game
06 (Unused) Same Game
07 Hot Bob-Omb
08 (Unused) Yoshi/Wiggler minigame "Yoshi's Tongue Meeting"
09 Pipe Maze
0A Ghost Guess
0B Musical Mushroom
0C Pedal Power
0D Crazy Cutter
0E Face Lift
0F Whack-A-Plant
10 Bash N' Cash
11 Bowl Over
12 Ground Pound
13 Balloon Burst
14 Coin Block Blitz
15 Coin Block Bash
16 Skateboard Scamper
17 Box Mountain Mayhem
18 Platform Peril
19 Teetering Towers
1A Mushroom Mixup
1B Hammer Drop
1C Grab Bag
1D Bobsled Run
1E Bumper Balls
1F Tightrope Treachery
20 Knock Block Tower
21 Tipsy Tourney
22 Bombs Away!
23 Crane Game
24 Coin Flower Shower
25 Slot Car Derby (oval)
26 Mario Bandstand
27 Desert Dash
28 Cast Aways
29 Limbo Dance
2A Bomb-sket-ball
2B Cast Away
2C Key-pa-Way
2D Running of the Bulb
2E Hot Rope Jump
2F Handcar Havoc
30 Deep Sea Divers
31 Piranha's Pursuit
32 Tug Of War
33 Paddle Battle
34 Bumper Ball Maze #3
35 (crashes)
36 (crashes)
37 (crashes)
38 (crashes)
39 (crashes)
3A (crashes)
3B (crashes)
3C (crashes)
3D (crashes)
3E (crashes)
3F Koopa Troopa Last 5 turns summary
40 End of Game Results screen
41 End of Game Board action
42 End of Game Star tally
43 End of Game Star tally
44 Toad Star dialog
45 Call Bowser dialog
46 Bowser Space
47 DK's Adventure Whomp dialog
48 DK's Adventure Bowser dialog
49 Peach's Cake Bowser dialog
4A Peach's Cake Goomba dialog
4B Peach's Cake Flower Lottery
4C Peach's Cake Piranha dialog
4D Yoshi's Island Thwomp dialog
4E Yoshi's Island ? switch action
4F Yoshi's Island Bowser dialog
50 Wario Canyon Bob-omb dialog
51 Wario Canyon ? switch action
52 Wario Canyon Shyguy dialog
53 Wario Canyon Bowser dialog
54 Luigi's Engie Bowser dialog
55 Luigi's Engine actuator dialog
56 Mario Castle ? switch action
57 Mario Castle star dialog
58 Magma Mountain free shortcut dialog
59 Magma Mountain free shortcut dialog
5A Magma Mountain pay shortcut dialog
5B Magma Mountain Bowser encounter
5C Eternal Star Bowser ? switch action
5D Eternal Star Bowser encounter dialog
5E Eternal Star Bowser Jr. Star dialog
5F Koopa Troopa "Since you're the 0th person to pass through here
60 Koopa Troopa drops in and gives you 20 coins
61 Pre-title screen story demo
62 DK's Jungle Adventure Board intro and pregame dice rolls
63 Staff Credits
64 End-of-game Results List
65 Boo Dialog Box
66 Introductory Nintendo/Hudson logos
67 (crashes)
68 (DON'T USE) "corrupted save data" dialog box
69 Main Menu
6A Board Game Setup
6B Mini Game House
6C Mushroom Shop
6D Mushroom Bank
6E Option House
6F bumper ball maze 2
71 (crashes)
72 (crashes)
73 (crashes)
74 (crashes)
75 (crashes)
76 (crashes)
77 MGI goal
78 MGI introduction
79 MGI save screen
7A Random Mode (unused)
7B MGI money screen
7C BG results screen
7D MGI clear screen
7E "sequential play" (crashes after 1st MG)
80 MGS post-game tally
81 title screen
82 MGS intro