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Notes:Mickey's Speedway USA (Game Boy Color)

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This page contains notes for the game Mickey's Speedway USA (Game Boy Color).

Warp Modifier

Choose any track in time trials and restart the race and you'll appear in the track of your choice.


00 Los Angeles
01 Secret Track
02 Gulf Coast
03 Grand Canyon
04 Montana
05 Louisiana
06 Milwaukee
07 Indianapolis
08 Daytona Beach
09 Smoky Mountains
0A Yosemite
0B Boston
0C Florida Everglades
0D Utah
0E Colorado
0F Texas
10 San Francisco
11 Seattle
12 Yellowstone
13 Nebraska
14 Washington D.C.

Music Modifier


00 Nothing
01 Trophy
02 Lose
03 Lap complete
04 Grand Canyon
05 Colorado
06 Milwaukee
07 Title/Results
08 Menu
09 Start
0A Battle
0B San Francisco
0C Smoky Mountains
0D Indianapolis
0E Finish race
0F Florida Everglades
10 Los Angeles
11 Driving school results
12 Driving school/Credits
13 Yellowstone
14 Gulf Coast
15 Daytona Beach
16 Louisiana
17 Montana/Logos
18 Utah
19 Texas
1A Washington D.C.
1B Boston
1C Cutscene
1D Yosemite
1E Seattle
1F Nebraska