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Notes:Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue

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This page contains notes for the game Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue.

Text Commands/Control Characters

D1: ヒーロー (hero)

D2: Player ID (full)

D6: Player ID (last four digits)

D7: Number of bits player has

D8: Player's name

E0: (parameter structure unknown): Warp the player somewhere (maybe could use this to find a debug room if one exists?)

E1: Display Yes/No box

EC XX: Displays a character's picture in the message box based on XX

  • 00: Female hero happy 1
  • 01: Male hero happy 1
  • 02-06: Mūra (greenish trim)
  • 07-0F: Mūra (purplish color)
  • 10: Mūra (brownish trim)
  • 11: Male hero happy 2
  • 12: Female hero happy 2
  • 13: The famous agent first seen in Roman Town (unsure of name)
  • 14: Zearth


FC: Press A to close message box

FD: New line

FE: Split message box with arrow

FF: Suspend