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Notes:Super Mario World (SNES)

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This page contains notes for the game Super Mario World (SNES).

To do:
  • Is there anything that needs to documented in here?

From the Lunar Magic help file:

Following is a list of all known locations of level data that is not referenced in the main pointer table, along with a couple addresses that may contain the pointers for them. This list is from the source code of a program that was made to scan the entire level area of the ROM and match the data with the pointers to determine gaps where an unknown level may be located.

//cancel out the areas we already know about (24)

   CancelOut(0x30338); //Boss monster Test Room!
   CancelOut(0x305AB); //duplicate level
   CancelOut(0x30701); //duplicate layer 2
   CancelOut(0x30875); //duplicate ghost house end
   //check out 0x2DD0F for 2 byte pointers!
   CancelOut(0x36BFB); //the coin/time levels
   CancelOut(0x36DBE);	//I recognize this!

   //check out 0x2D966 for 3 byte pointers!
   CancelOut(0x38200); //Ghost house entrance!
   CancelOut(0x38218); //blank (header only)
   CancelOut(0x3821E); //Castle entrance!
   CancelOut(0x3824E); //no Yoshi star entrance
   CancelOut(0x38260); //Ghost house exit!
   CancelOut(0x38281); //3 bushes, no ground (garbage?)
   CancelOut(0x38290); //Another Castle Entrance
   CancelOut(0x3829F); //no Yoshi again
   CancelOut(0x382B1); //no Yoshi again

Several of these levels are used, but most aren't.