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Notes:The Getaway: High Speed II

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This page contains notes for the game The Getaway: High Speed II.

A SOUND routine exists that would play internal Super Game Boy SOUND effects; carried over from PGA European Tour with alterations. The routine is basically the same. This is the routine for the default 00 SOUND setting. It is never called or loaded. It is also never read from joypad registers. Shaq Fu (Game Boy) also has an unused SOUND routine.


D1 pop de
C1 pop bc
3E 80 ld a,80 - Mute command 1 (for default 00 SOUND setting)
4F ld c,a
5F ld e,a
06 0C - ld b,0C - loads 0C as pitch/volume setting
18 0B jr 1455 (setting the first value will always be 00 because 16 00 ld d,00 is missing from the routine which would be the next instruction)
D1 pop de
C1 pop bc
3E 80 ld a,80 - Mute command 2
4F ld c,a
06 00 ld b,00 - Sets BGM and the following unused SOUND flags
18 02 jr 1455
D1 pop de
C1 pop bc
21 1B D3 ld hl,D31B (play SOUND)
3E 41 - 41 SOUND Command
22 ldi (hl),a
78 ld a,b
E6 0F and a,0F
CB 37 swap a
B0 or b
77 ld (hl),a
21 1B D3 ld hl,D31B
CD 4C 12 call 124C
CD 34 13 call 1334
C9 ret - end of routine