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Notes:Yume Nikki

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This page contains notes for the game Yume Nikki.


When Playism released their official English localization of Yume Nikki, they also translated the ReadMe file, describing what each successive version following v0.00 added, as well as revealing the build dates of each version. This file is not included with the Steam release.

★Game Name   
		Yume Nikki



★Development Tool  
		RPG Maker 2003


★Game info   
		・Explore a dark and surreal dream world at your own pace.
		・There is no real goal or story in the game.
		・By checking certain areas in the dream world you can acquire "Effects"
		・By using these "Effects" the main character's appearance will change.
		 (Some of these "Effects" have special effects or animations which you can use by pressing the 1 or 3 keys on the number pad.
		・If you use the same "Effect" the main character's apperance will return to normal.
		・(In the Room of Doors you can get rid of these "Effects")

		Arrow keys・・・・・・Move cursor, Move character
		ESC Key・・・・・・・Open Menu, Cancel
		ENTER Key・・・・・ COnfirm, Check environment
		Number Key 9・・・・・・・Pinch cheek (wake from dream world)
		Number Key 1 or 3・・・ Some "Effects" have animations or special effects that you can use with these keys.
		Number Key 5・・・・・・・Press this key to drop your currently equipped "Effect"
                     (You can only drop the "Effects" inside the Room of Doors)

		※You can also use the Z key or Spacebar in place of the Enter Key.
		※You can also use the insert key or one of the following keys: [X, C, V, B, N]
		※You can use the number keys on the number pad or the normal number keys.

		There are some flashing graphics included in the game(Persons with problems regarding these types of images should take care)
		I do not take any responsiblity for any damages or issues caused through the usage of this software.
		Also please refrain from reusing assets from this game for any other purposes.

★How to install
 Install the necessary game files using the Setup.exe file included in this ZIP package.
 This installer is created from the Japanese RPG Maker 2003 so it is only available in Japanese.
 If the install is successful it will install the game files in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Enterbrain\RPG2003\YumeNikki
 Run the EXE file(RPG_RT.exe) included in that folder and the game should run.
 If you are on a system without Japanese language support or run into any other errors 
 please try to install using the Microsoft AppLocale service which can be downloaded from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13209
 We apologize for any inconvenience or problems this may cause.

★The Runtime package for RPG Maker 2003 can also be downloaded from this link:
 (This installer is also in Japanese)


★Free software used to create assets, etc.
 SoundEngine Free(Cycle of 5th)
 spwave(Sakano Hideki)
 Yumeironoenogu(Watanage Kengo)
 Tool EXE-kun(tetsu)
 RPG Debugger 200X(sue445)
 RPG Image Converter 200X(sue445)
 Gogo no coder (PEN@Umineko)
 A big thanks for all of your help!

★Contact address tk-mto@mx3.nns.ne.jp

★Home Page http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto

★Yume Nikki patch notes

 2004/06/14    0.00

 2004/06/26    0.01(Changed certain sound effects/New Maps/Map adjustments/Changes to placement of Effects)
          ※If you start the game using save data from version 0.00 your starting position will be different.
           Face up and press Enter to return to the normal starting position.

 2004/07/14    0.02(Reduced the data size of audio assets by halfway/New Maps/Map adjustments/Changed background maps for certain areas
           /Changes to placement of Effects/Bug fixes)

 2004/09/02    0.03(Changed the normal footstep SE/New Maps/Color adjustments to certain maps/Adjusted font colors/Bug fixes)

 2004/09/29    0.04(New Maps/Map adjustments/Color adjustments for certain maps/Adjusted the fonts used in the new menu/★Fixed a large amount of bugs)

 2004/11/23    0.05(Made the following changes)
		 ●Add animations to certain Effects when pressing Number Key 1(or 3).
		 ●Added 4 new Effects
		 ●Added a new Map
		 ●Small adjustments to existing maps
		 ●Reduced the overall volume in the game.
		 ●Made the menu transitions smoother.
		 ●Changed the vending machine behavior
		 ●Added borders when displaying messages.
		 ●Fixed various bugs and graphical glitches.
		 ●Added a mini-game to the Bedroom.

 2005/01/22    0.06(New Maps/Map adjustments/Color adjustments for certain maps/Changes to placement of Effects
           /BGM changes/Bug fixes/Adjustments to mini-game/Added animations to certain effects
          ※In 0.06 added a load screen when starting game and loading saves.
          ※In certain cases the loading can take up to 10 seconds.

 2005/04/24    0.07(New Maps/Map adjustments/Color adjustments for certain maps/Changes to placement of Effects
           /BGM changes/Bug fixes/Adjustments to mini-game/Made it possible to wake from the dream while using Effects)
          ※Some Effects make it impossible to wake from the dream while equipped.

 2005/07/23    0.08(New Maps/Changes to placement of Effects/BGM changes/Bug fixes
           /Switched out some maps/Various other fixes)

 2005/12/10    0.09(New Maps/Changes to placement of Effects/Bug Fixes/Adjustment of various Effects
           /Various other fixes)

 2007/09/17    0.10(New maps/Changes to placement of Effects/Bug fixes/Adjustment of various Effects
           /Adjustments to certain Maps/Adjusted the cursor movement in certain menus/Various other fixes)
	   ※Cannot use save data from version 0.09。
 2007/10/06    0.10a(Official patch for bug fixes)

 2012/07/06	Official English translation patch

Bug Fix Log

Found on Kikiyama's website is a log that lists what bugs each version from v0.04 onward resolved. It only specifies when the bugs were resolved, rather than which bugs were present in each version. The log was mostly written in general terms to avoid spoilers.

0.04 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
「ねこ」の効果発動後、すぐマップ移動すると他キャラが硬直していることがあります。 After using the Cat effect, other characters may be stiff after moving on the map.
新規マップで「ねこ」の効果発動挙動がおかしいです。 Using the Cat effect on the new map causes strange behavior.
ベッドを上からチェックすると固まって進行不能になります。 Checking a bed from above causes it to solidify, making it impossible to progress.
ベッドに入っている時に吹き飛ばされると自分が透明になりメニューが開けなくなります。 When being blown away in bed (Referring to entering the dream world?), you become transparent and cannot open the menu.
一部マップへのリンクが一マスずれていて、移動先で動けなくなります。 The links to some maps are misaligned by one, preventing transfer to the destination.
自販機の上を通行可能になっているところがあります。 There are places where it is possible to pass over the vending machines.
溝の中を歩行するキャラが「ねこ」で陸へ引っ張れてしまいます。 A character walking in the gutter can be pulled to land with the Cat effect.
新規マップでメニュー開き中、テンキー9が効いてしまいます。 While the menu is open on the new map, number key 9 can be used.
新規マップで「ゆきだるま」のメニュー禁止が解けてしまいます。 Menu prohibition with the Snowman is disabled on the new map.
新規マップで「ねこ」使用後にメニューを開いたりしていると壁をすり抜けられるようになってしまいます。 When opening the menu after using the Cat effect in the new map, it is possible to pass through walls.
on/off可能な電灯の内、一部電気on/offが出来ません。 Some lamps that can be toggled cannot be switched on/off again.
新規マップで「ほうちょう」使用中にメニューが開けてしまい、以後絵がおかしくなってしまいます。 The menu opens while the Kitchen Knife is in use on the new map, and the picture becomes strange.
「ねこ」、「こびと」使用直後にベッドに入ると、メニューが開けてしまいます。 When entering a bed immediately after using the Cat or Midget effect, the menu will open.
夢の中で椅子に座っている時、メニューが開けてしまいます。 When sitting in a chair within a dream, the menu will open.
自販機の反応が少し遅いです。 The vending machines' response is a little slow.

0.05 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
一部マップのベッドを上からチェックすると、主人公が透明になりはまります。 If you check a bed on some of the maps from above, the protagonist will become transparent.
一部マップでグラフィックが欠けているところがあります。 Some maps are missing graphics.

0.06 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
最初のプレイ時、SEが鳴る時やキャラのアニメ時に、一瞬画面が停止します。 When sound effects are first played, or when characters animate, the screen stops for a moment.
一部「エフェクト」の動きで、小さなグラフィック欠けがあります。 Some actions of the "effects" have small graphic fragmentations.
雨や雪が降っていないのに、(内部的に)降っていることになってしまうことがあります。 Though it is not raining or snowing, it may fall internally.
主人公から触れて移動するところで、決定キーで移動できてしまいます。 The decision key can move the protagonist from touch-events.

0.07 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
「エフェクト」を使っている時にも『目を覚ます(テンキー9)』が可能になりました。(一部出来ないエフェクトもあります) You can wake up (number key 9) when using effects now. (This cannot be done with some effects)
扉の部屋で扉を開けている最中にエフェクトが捨てられてしまいます。 The effects can be discarded when opening a door in the door room.
「ゆきだるま」中にエフェクト捨てられ、移動速度が遅いままになってしまいます。 Movement speed will remain slow when discarding the effect while transformed into a Snowman.
一部キャラに「ほうちょう」使用時、主人公がそのままの格好で固まってしまいます。 When using the Kitchen Knife on some characters, the protagonist's pose will remain as-is.
座り込み開始直後にエフェクト捨てると、次回座り時に立ち上がります。 If you discard an effect immediately after sitting down, the effect will be enabled next time you sit down.
移動直後にエフェクトを捨てた時、移動速度が低いままになってしまうことがあります。 If you discard an effect immediately after moving, movement speed may remain slow.

0.08 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
エフェクト使用直後に階段移動している時、メニューが開けることがあり、以後すり抜け状態になることがあります。 If you move on stairs immediately after using an effect, you may be able to open the menu and pass through them.
特定のマップ出入り中やベッドに入った後にテンキー1が効いてしまう事があります。 Number key 1 may be used at a certain map entrance, or after entering the bed.
「じてんしゃ」の前車輪部分が地形の中にはみ出て見えてしまうところがあります。 There is a place where the front wheel of the Bicycle protrudes into the terrain.
一部マップで「ゲームのせつめい」を使用すると、マップが化けて動けなくなります。 If you view the game's instructions on certain maps, the map becomes broken, and you will be unable to move.
一部、刺さる音が重なって鳴ってしまうところがあります。 There are some places where sounds get stuck and overlap.
扉の部屋以外でエフェクトを捨てることが出来てしまうことがあります。 You may be able to discard effects outside of the door room.
階段移動中にテンキー1で行動しているとすり抜け状態になってしまうことがあります。 If you use the 1 key while moving on stairs, you may enter a state where you pass through the stairs.
エフェクトを連続で捨てていると、メニューが開けなくなったり、歩行速に異常が起きてしまうことがあります。 If you repeatedly discard effects , the menu may not be able to be opened, or walking speed may become abnormal.

0.09 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
メニューが開けなくなっている時に扉の部屋で移動すると、メニューが開けるようになってしまいます。 If you move in the door room when the menu cannot be opened, it will be possible to open the menu.
特定の場所でキャラを押し込めた状態でチェックすると、操作不能になります。 If you check a character when it is pushed into a specific place, it becomes inoperable.
椅子で移動中に目を覚ました後、メニューを開く度にSEが鳴るようになってしまいます。 After waking up while riding in a chair, its sound effect will be heard whenever the menu is opened.
特定のイベントを「ゆきだるま」で行うと、以後挙動がおかしくなります。 When doing a certain event with the Snowman, subsequent behaviors will be incorrect.
浮遊状態で移動中、足音が鳴っています。 When moving while floating, footsteps are heard.
雨が降っている暗い部屋を明るくした時、完全に明るくなってしまいます。 If you brighten the dark room where it is raining, the room becomes completely bright.

0.10 Correspondence

Japanese Translated
「ほうちょう」中のテンキー1の動きを変更しました。 The Kitchen Knife's 1-key action has been changed.
特定のイベント後、メニュー禁止が解除されてしまう場合があります。 After a certain event, menu prohibition may be disabled.
一部のイベントの反応が高速なアニメーションになっています。 Some event's reactions have fast animations.
一部マップでグラフィックが欠けているところがあります。 Some maps are missing graphics.
(Translations: Dasutein)